I have quoted cook time for a 1 kilo roast. Cut from the rump end of the sirloin, these thinly cut minute steaks make... £ 5.00. A tender roast from succulent free range beef. Our delicious beef topside joint is full of flavour easy to carve, there's enough meat to serve 8 and is only £10! Address: Gwindra Industrial Estate, St.Stephen, Cornwall, PL26 7LE. Baste the beef halfway through cooking. If cooking beef on the bone then a three-rib roast (about 3kg) will serve about seven to eight people. JavaScript is required to view this activity. https://www.abelandcole.co.uk/recipes/roast-topside-with-balsamic-onion-gravy Copyright © 2021 - Meat Supermarket. A classic roasting joint, Topside is beautifully lean and tasty. You can read my affiliate policy here. Take your beef out of the fridge 30 minutes before you place it into the oven. View larger; In stock Weight: 1.2kg. Air Fryer Roast Beef. Add. (£12.00/kg) 12.88. 2. Then turn the heat down to 170°C and cook … All you need to do is follow our advice to get the perfect roast beef dinner! Tied with additional fat to maintain succulence during cooking. £12.88 each est. Remove the beef from the oven and cover well with foil and leave to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing. For well done, leave it in for another 10 to 15 minutes.If you're doing roast potatoes and veggies, this is the time to crack on with them – get them into the oven for the last 45 minutes of cooking. Place the beef on top of the vegetables. BD 4.900 . Perfect. We are proud to introduce our new signature dry-cure bacon. By doing this, the meat reabsorbs juices lost in cooking and becomes easier to carve. This classic topside joint of choice for roasting is 21 day matured for the best flavour and then expertly trimmed, boned and rolled by our skilled butchers. Place the beef fat side up onto the trivet which should line the base of the tray. Is it your turn to cook the Christmas roast this year? Reduce oven temperature to 160 °C (Gas Mark 3) and continue to roast for: Rare – 20 minutes per Kg (9 minutes per pound) Medium – 30 minutes per Kg (14 minutes per pound) Well Done – 40 minutes per Kg (18 minutes per pound) Crown Cut Topside, 1kg joint to … PreparationTake your beef out of the fridge 30 minutes before it goes into the oven. 4.5 out of 5 stars 60 reviews. Dry Aged Topside joint. Related Products. Topside 3kg. Home // Beef // Topside 1kg. Topside is ideal for roasting as it is very tender and can be carved into lean slices. For smaller orders, a £4.99 delivery charge will be added to your total. What courier do you use? 1 heaped tablespoon plain flour; 1 heaped tablespoon blackberry or blackcurrant jam; 125 ml red wine; 1 litre organic beef stock; Method. Break the garlic bulb into cloves, leaving them unpeeled.Pile all the veg, garlic and herbs into the middle of a large roasting tray and drizzle with olive oil. BEEF TOPSIDE ROAST PER 1KG. Taken from the back of the loin, it can also be cooked off the bone by rolling it into a sirloin joint. Place the onion halves in a roasting tin and sit the beef on top. Roast topside of beef Ingredients. Netherstreet Farm is located just outside of Devizes and our cattle graze on Roundway Hill. This allows the beef to warm up to room temperature. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. On the morning of your delivery, DPD will send you a notification via email or phone letting you know your 1 hour delivery window. The rump is boned, trimmed and rolled suitable for oven roasting. Add to Cart. Place beef in oven and reduce heat immediately to 200°C (180° fan-forced). All deliveries for orders over £55 are completely free! Leslie lived across the road from us and was a very good friend of Mums. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. 1 kg (2.2 lb) topside or top round beef 1 kg (2.2 lb) topside or top round beef; 500 ml (2.1 cups) beef stock 500 ml (2.1 cups) beef stock; 187.5 ml (0.8 cups) red wine – ¼ bottle 187.5 ml (0.8 cups) red … The most popular cut for a Sunday roast – great value, lean and tender. Roast beef with red wine & banana shallots. Tip. Product Details Add new review. If cooking beef off the bone, 1kg will serve four and 1½ kg will serve about six, so 200-300g per person. Cover it with a layer of tinfoil and a tea towel and put aside while you make your gravy, horseradish sauce and Yorkshire puddings. 1kg beef topside; 1 to 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced; salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste; 300ml beef stock; 1 sprig fresh thyme; 2 sprigs fresh rosemary Drizzle the beef with olive oil and season well with salt and pepper, rubbing it all over the meat. Roast in oven for 45 to 60 minutes, or until cooked to your liking, covering top of roast with foil … Make sure you baste your roasting topside of beef regularly while it's in the oven. 1 rolled joint of Topside (1kg will feed four) 1-2tbsp English mustard; METHOD. We have put a thin slice of basting fat over the top of the roast … Essential British Beef Topside Large Typical weight 1.07kg. We only ever use high welfare poultry products. If you prefer it medium-rare, take it out 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Introducing The Lakeside Butchers Choice Cut Horseshoe Gammon. Baste the beef halfway through cooking.When the beef is cooked to your liking, take the tray out of the oven and transfer the beef to a board to rest for 15 minutes or so. Delivered in insulated packaging to keep cool on your doorstep. Grind the peppercorns, salt and caraway seeds using a mortar and pestle and sprinkle the seasoning mixture over the meat. Method. Item code# 6110-91618. . We offer a UK mainland, 2 day delivery service. Season the beef generously with salt and pepper and seal in the oil in a hot frying pan on all sides, until browned. Sirloin Minute Steaks x 4. Item code# 6110-91618 . Introducing The Lakeside Butchers Famous Shortback Bacon. Beef topside doesn't have an exact equivalent in American markets, but it's the most commonly used joint -- a British term for a beef cut made for roasting -- in the U.K. for pot roast. Buy Now. Product Details Add new review. Tomahawk Steak 1kg; Beef; Angus Topside Beef 2kg; Beef Dripping - 500g ; Best Mince 5% Fat; Boned & Rolled Rib; Brisket Beef Joint; Calves Liver - 1kg ; Cooked Salt Beef; Diced Beef; Diced Rump Steak ; Mixed Grill Pack; Oxtail Beef - 1kg ; Pastrami-Cooked; Rib of Beef Joint ; Ribeye Steak 8oz; Shin of Beef ; Silverside Of Beef; Sirloin Roasting Joint; Whole Fillet 1kg; Whole … Add to favourites Add to list. Country of origin Produced in. Quantity of Essential British Beef Topside Large in trolley 0. Simmer slowly with red wine and seasonal veg, then serve up big bowlfuls of comfort. Introducing Our Favourites Pack. 1 Kg Topside Roast. Remove the beef from the oven and cover well with foil and leave to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing. We are working with our courier partner to cover more areas, so check back in future to see whether delivery has become available for your postcode!