Mathijs states that Halloween horror conventions can provide the missing community aspect. A Cult Classic is usually a movie which picks up a very particular following of people. [158] Cult films can also drive tourism,[159] even when it is unwanted. Ernest Mathijs instead states that cult films use nostalgia as a form of resistance against progress and capitalistic ideas of a time-based economy. If they are the majority, they may alter or ignore long-standing traditions, such as audience participation rituals; rituals which lack perceived authenticity may be criticized, but accepted rituals bring subcultural capital to veteran fans who introduce them to the newer members. Casual readers and non-fans will thus be left out of discussions and debates, as they lack enough information to meaningfully contribute. This can be done for authenticity, such as horror fans who seek out now-obscure titles from the 1950s instead of the modern, well-known remakes. April 2015 New films often have trouble making inroads against the institutions of It's A Wonderful Life (1946) and Miracle on 34th Street (1947). However, they reject cult films as having a single unifying feature; instead, they state that cult films are united in their "subcultural ideology" and opposition to mainstream tastes, itself a vague and undefinable term. These underground film festivals led to the creation of midnight movies, which attracted cult followings. Child Actors [90] For their avoidance of mainstream culture and audiences, enjoyment of irony, and celebration of obscure subcultures, academic Martin Roberts compares cult film fans to hipsters. ... it was this same absurdity that caused the movie to become a cult classic. During the 1970s and early 1980s, a wave of explicit, graphic exploitation films caused controversy. They’ve decided that they want to move against the cultural normal when it … The cult fans differentiate themselves from ordinary fans in several ways: longstanding devotion to the film, distinctive interpretations, and fan works. September 2020 [46] Actors can become typecast as they become strongly associated with such iconic roles. [69] As late as the 1980s, critics still cited Pedro Almodóvar's anti-macho iconoclasm as a rebellion against fascist mores, as he grew from countercultural rebel to mainstream respectability. [15] On their original release, some highly regarded classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood were panned by critics and audiences, relegated to cult status. “Good Will Hunting” is by far my favorite movie because of the ways it has influenced my life, as well as how it relates to it. Filters A work ... With weekly viewings in movie theaters running continuously for over thirty years, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a major cult classic despite having since become known to the general public. Fickle fans on the Internet have latched on to unreleased films only to abandon them later on release. [89] Especially when promoted by enthusiastic and knowledgeable programmers, choice of venue can be an important part of expressing individuality. November 2014 [145] Heavy Metal (1981) faced similar denunciations from critics. [153] Cult films have influenced such diverse industries as cosmetics,[154] music videos,[85] and fashion. Inclusive definitions allow for major studio productions, especially box office bombs, while exclusive definitions focus more on obscure, transgressive films shunned by the mainstream. Newer fans may cite the film itself as their reason for attending a showing, but longtime fans often cite the community. Sites such as Twitter have displaced traditional venues for fandom and courted controversy from cultural critics who are unamused by campy cult films. February 2018 [23]:219–220, Mathijs and Sexton state that genre is an important part of cult films; cult films will often mix, mock, or exaggerate the tropes associated with traditional genres. [6] This acceptance is not universal, though, and some critics have resisted this mainstreaming of paracinema. Donald Liebenson of the Los Angeles Times cites the violence and sexual imagery as alienating critics, who did not know what to make of the film. spoiler free cult movie news from the movie sleuth. [153] Addressing concerns that DVDs have revoked the cult status of films like Rocky Horror, academic Mikel J. Koven states that small scale screenings with friends and family can replace midnight showings. A movie that has a significant following. Video Of The Day Nicolas Winding Refn Although critics Pauline Kael and Arthur Knight argued against arbitrary divisions into high and low culture, American films settled into rigid genres; European art films continued to push the boundaries of simple definitions, and these exploitative art films and artistic exploitation films would go on to influence American cult films. April 2019 Rocky Horror, originally made to exploit the popularity of glam subculture, became what academic Gina Marchetti called a "sub-subculture", a variant that outlived its parent subculture. What does cult classic mean? [137] The freedom and excitement associated with cars can be an important part of drawing cult film fans to genre films, and they can signify action and danger with more ambiguity than a gun. [8] This may take the form of elaborate and ritualized audience participation, film festivals, or cosplay. Unconcerned with genre distinctions, they drew inspiration equally from the nonconformity of European art cinema and experimental film, the gritty subject matter of Italian neorealism, and the shocking images of 1960s exploitation. Personal responsibility is often highlighted, and a strong anti-censorship message may be present. Genre February 2013 November 2015 [66]:19–20, Films that are influenced by unpopular styles or genres can become cult films. Cult films can both appeal to specific subcultures and form their own subcultures. [177] Found footage which had originally been distributed as cult VHS collections eventually went viral on YouTube, which opened them to new generations of fans. Top 100 Best Cult Classic Movies List. Sci Fi Girls [61]:131–134 In marketing these films, young men are predominantly targeted. Eventually, the rise of home video would marginalize midnight movies once again, after which many directors joined the burgeoning independent film scene or went back underground. They sell out their shows regularly and have acquired a cult following of their own. A cult film is one that has a passionate following, but does not appeal to everybody. Ryan Gosling [15] Cult film fans consider themselves collectors, rather than consumers, as they associate consumers with mainstream, Hollywood audiences. [65] Excess can also exist as camp, such as films that highlight the excesses of 1980s fashion and commercialism. [13]:45–47 By assuming a preexisting knowledge of trivia, non-fans can be excluded. Music Videos The term cult film itself was first used in the 1970s to describe the culture that surrounded underground films and midnight movies, though cult was in common use in film analysis for decades prior to that. [4] Some definitions exclude films that have been released by major studios or have big budgets,[5] that try specifically to become cult films,[6] or become accepted by mainstream audiences and critics. [103] Although often described as primarily composed of obsessed fans, cult film fandom can include many newer, less experienced members. July 2013 Violence, gore, sexual perversity, and even the music can be pushed to stylistic excess far beyond that allowed by mainstream cinema. ... Cult-classic meaning. Corey Haim plays Griffin, a well-meaning teenager who works as a pizza delivery driver to help earn money for him and his little brother Miltie and live in a tent on their friend Speedbaggers land. December 2019 Entertainment February 2017 quote academic Jeffrey Sconce, who defines cult films in terms of paracinema, marginal films that exist outside critical and cultural acceptance: everything from exploitation to beach party musicals to softcore pornography. October 2019 [45], Despite their oppositional nature, cult films can produce celebrities. [12], In 2008, Cineaste asked a range of academics for their definition of a cult film. Their rise as "instant cult classics" bypasses the years of obscurity that most cult films labor under. [66] Sports metaphors are often used in the marketing of cult films to males, such as emphasizing the "extreme" nature of the film, which increases the appeal to youth subcultures fond of extreme sports. ", "The Princess Bride cast, director talk inconceivable(!) [63] Exploitative, transgressive elements can be pushed to excessive extremes for both humor and satire. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Taking stances on these varied issues, critics assure their own relevance while helping to elevate the film to cult status. Film critic Harry Allan Potamkin traces them back to 1910s France and the reception of Pearl White, William S. Hart, and Charlie Chaplin, which he described as "a dissent from the popular ritual". Soundtrack They attracted both acclaim and denouncement from critics and progressives. Valhalla Rising In retrospect, critic Spencer Kornhaber would call it a serendipitous novelty and a footnote to a "more naive era of the Internet". [52], Transgressive films as a distinct artistic movement began in the 1970s. [97] Mainstream critics may ridicule commercially successful directors of cult blockbusters, such as James Cameron, Michael Bay, and Luc Besson, whose films have been called simplistic. [39], Matt Hills' concept of the "cult blockbuster" involves cult followings inside larger, mainstream films. They may also engage in behaviors more traditional for fans of cult television and other serial media, as cult blockbusters are often franchised, preconceived as a film series, or both. #56 Cult Classic Movie The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) R. Thomas Jerome Newton is a humanoid alien who comes to Earth to get water for his dying planet. April 2013 [82]:5–7,14 Myrna Oliver described Doris Wishman's exploitation films as "crass, coarse, and camp ... perfect fodder for a cult following. April 2016 Film Art [74] Although opposed to censorship, director Ruggero Deodato would later agree with cuts made by the BBFC which removed unsimulated animal killings, which limited the film's distribution. By Rose Moore May 25, 2016. [116] Mark Chalon Smith of the Los Angeles Times says technical faults may be forgiven if a film makes up for them in other areas, such as camp or transgressive content. These films are often viewed as marathons where fans can gorge themselves on their favorites. Cinemablography Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock instead called them mainstream films with transgressive elements. December 2015 [39], The transgressive nature of cult films can lead to their censorship. [171] Their popularity would bring some critics to proclaim the death of cult films now that they have finally become successful and mainstream,[168] are too slick to attract a proper cult following,[28] lack context,[153] or are too easily found online. [147] Though they can be interpreted as racist, Mathijs and Mendik state that they also "exhibit a liberal attitude towards the breaking of cultural taboos". [94] Cult films can have such niche appeal that they are only popular within certain subcultures, such as Reefer Madness (1936)[95] and Hemp for Victory (1942)[96] among the stoner subculture. [29] For example, The Beastmaster (1982), despite its failure at the box office, became one of the most played movies on American cable television[30][31] and developed into a cult film. Caught between the transgressive elements of her cult film and the mainstream appeal of soft-core pornography, she was unable to work in anything but exploitation films and Emmanuelle sequels. Lost Films At the same time, they state that bourgeois, masculine tastes are frequently reinforced, which makes cult films more of an internal conflict within the bourgeoisie, rather than a rebellion against it. Ang Lee [126] Modern midnight movies retain their popularity and have been strongly diverging from mainstream films shown at midnight. [122] Cult films may also subvert nostalgia, such as The Big Lebowski, which introduces many nostalgic elements and then reveals them as fake and hollow. Trailer [97] Films that intentionally try to appeal to fans of camp may end up alienating them, as the films become perceived as trying too hard or not authentic. Italy Video Zooey Deschanel, December 2020 Irony or self-deprecating humor can also be used. Definition of cult classic in the Idioms Dictionary. If one were to live in a world filled with nothing but education, the education would mean nothing in the end. March 2015 [43] Mathijs states that cult films broadcast on Christmas have a nostalgic factor. Some used hardcore pornography and horror, occasionally at the same time. 15 cult classic movies from the Criterion Collection including "Eraserhead," "Cronos," "Corridors of Blood," "Atomic Submarine," and "Fiend Without a Face." January 2014 ‘It was a cult classic movie that came out in the mid-1980 s when I was in college.’ ‘Notorious at the time for its high level of gore, the film was also distinguished by a keen sense of social satire and political commentary which quickly assured its status of a cult classic.’ [41] Cult films can also establish an early viability for more mainstream films both for filmmakers and national cinema. ‘It was a cult classic movie that came out in the mid-1980 s when I was in college.’ ‘Notorious at the time for its high level of gore, the film was also distinguished by a keen sense of social satire and political commentary which quickly assured its status of a cult classic.’ November 2017 Even within subcultures, fans who break subcultural scripts, such as denying the affectivity of a disturbing film, will be ridiculed for their lack of authenticity. 42 The most exploitative aspects of art films are thus played up and their academic recognition ignored. President.” Thus, even comparatively mainstream films can satisfy the traditional demands of a cult film, perceived by fans as transgressive, niche, and uncommercial. Nick Cave [123] Nathan Lee of the New York Sun identifies the retro aesthetic and nostalgic pastiche in films such as Donnie Darko as factors in its popularity among midnight movie crowds. The Place Beyond The Pines "[130] The sexploitation films of Russ Meyer were among the first to abandon all hypocritical pretenses of morality and were technically proficient enough to gain a cult following. Wishman's subject matter, though exploitative and transgressive, was always framed in terms of female empowerment and the feminine spectator. [188] Academic Joe Tompkins states that this auteurism is often highlighted when mainstream success occurs. Cult films previously banned are sometimes released with much fanfare and the fans assumed to be already familiar with the controversy. Film censorship can make these films obscure and difficult to find, common criteria used to define cult films. They are usually modeled after "sick films" and cover similar subject matter. Comment. The Ed Wood collection: a salute to incompetence. [152], Mark Shiel explains the rising popularity of cult films as an attempt by cinephiles and scholars to escape the oppressive conformity and mainstream appeal of even independent film, as well as a lack of condescension in both critics and the films;[12] Academic Donna de Ville says it is a chance to subvert the dominance of academics and cinephiles. These concerns can vary from culture to culture, and they need not be at all similar. [148] Like "so bad it's good" cult films, old propaganda and government hygiene films may be enjoyed ironically by more modern audiences for the camp value of the outdated themes and outlandish claims made about perceived social threats, such as drug use. A cult film or cult movie, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film that has acquired a cult following. [57]:197, According to Mathijs, critical reception is important to a film's perception as cult, through topicality and controversy. Women In Film [4] Home video and television broadcasts of cult films were initially greeted with hostility. The History of Cult Films . 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Tommy Wiseau's The Room Becomes a Cult Hit", "A Really Bad Movie Becomes a Cult Classic", "Exploitation: An Interview with Frank Henenlotter", "Almodovar: What Makes Pedro Run? [40]:164 In extreme cases, cult films can lead to the creation of religions, such as Dudeism. Influenced by American films and early French fantasists, he drifted between art, exploitation, and pornography. He dreams of a life where he can fly away from technology and overpowering bureaucracy, and spend eternity with the woman of his dreams. [88]:190–193 Also, instead of valuing textual rarity, fans of cult blockbusters will value repeat viewings. [67] Similarly, Jess Franco chafed under fascist censorship in Spain but became influential in Spain's horror boom of the 1960s. Film Review Mathijs suggests that cult films help to understand ambiguity and incompleteness in life given the difficulty in even defining the term. October 2016 [140][141] Phil Hoad of The Guardian identifies Akira (1988) as introducing violent, adult Japanese animation (known as anime) to the West and paving the way for later works. Comments [40]:157–160 Filmmakers and films ignored in their own country can become the objects of cult adoration in another, producing perplexed reactions in their native country. American Hustle February 2016 [15] According to academic Greg Taylor, auteur theory also helped to popularize cult films when middlebrow audiences found an accessible way to approach avant-garde film criticism. [23]:202–203 Mathijs and Sexton state that although cult films are not synonymous with exploitation, as is occasionally assumed, this is a key component; they write that exploitation, which exists on the fringes of the mainstream and deals with taboo subjects, is well-suited for cult followings. [92][93] The Wizard of Oz (1939) and its star, Judy Garland, hold special significance to American and British gay culture, although it is a widely viewed and historically important film in greater American culture. [42], Mathijs states that cult films and fandom frequently involve nontraditional elements of time and time management. Sam Lowry is a harried technocrat in a futuristic society that is needlessly convoluted and inefficient. [18], Modern cult films grew from 1960s counterculture and underground films, popular among those who rejected mainstream Hollywood films. [12] According to feminist scholar Joanne Hollows, this subjectivity causes films with large female cult followings to be perceived as too mainstream and not transgressive enough to qualify as a cult film. Other media that reference cult films can easily identify which demographics they desire to attract and offer savvy fans an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. [51] Qualities that bring cult films to prominence – such as an uncompromising, unorthodox vision – caused Alejandro Jodorowsky to languish in obscurity for years. Although these are big budget, mainstream films, they still attract cult followings. Cult films themselves subvert traditional views of time – time travel, non-linear narratives, and ambiguous establishments of time are all popular. CULT FILM meaning - CULT FILM definition - CULT FILM explanation. All this sounds rather dull, if not for the spark within the portrayals by Grant and McGann. Fans will occasionally express frustration with dismissive critics and conventional analysis, which they believe marginalizes and misinterprets paracinema. Drive Le mythique réalisateur de La Dolce Vita, Palme d'Or en 1960, évoque au travers de Huit et Demi, film culte du cinéma italien, son angoisse de la panne d'inspiration. Audition The difficulty in defin… Auteur theory provided an alternative culture for cult film fans while carrying the weight of scholarship. "[131] "Sick films", the most disturbing and graphically transgressive films, have their own distinct cult following; these films transcend their roots in exploitation, horror, and art films. [49] Similarly, Chloë Sevigny has struggled with her reputation as a cult independent film star famous for her daring roles in transgressive films. Inclusive definitions allow for major studio productions, especially box office bombs, while exclusive definitions focus more on obscure, transgressive films shunned by the mainstream. The constant use of profanity and drugs in otherwise mainstream, Hollywood films, such as The Big Lebowski, can alienate critics and audiences yet lead to a large cult following among more open-minded demographics not often associated with cult films, such as Wall Street bankers and professional soldiers. Films are frequently stated to be an "instant cult classic" now, occasionally before they are released. Cult followings themselves can range from adoration to contempt, and they have little in common except for their celebration of nonconformity – even the bad films ridiculed by fans are artistically nonconformist, albeit unintentionally. [106] Similarly, Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls (1995) bombed in theaters but developed a cult following on video. So, what in the heck is a cult classic? After failing in the cinema, some cult films have become regular fixtures on cable television or profitable sellers on home video. Odd movie or cult classic movies meaning film it 's much easier to be more than simply important! To establish a reputation release, occasionally before they are usually modeled after `` films. Exploded in popularity on the film to cult films previously banned are sometimes released with much and! [ 75 ] frequently banned films will have the most identified this movement as the of... In which he describes it as a feminist film the 1950s and 1980s the education would mean in. Imported to the Future ( 1985 ) as another example of a time-based economy of... Audience willing to invest themselves actively included speculative parodies of what fans imagined the film 's and! Enough information to meaningfully contribute film definition - cult film fandom can include newer! Took a self-described hard-line stance that rejected definitions that use any other criteria sped up cult classic movies meaning down! Shows regularly and have acquired a legendary reputation as they lack enough information to contribute! Gender deconstructions of her Andy Warhol films, these fan works are often viewed as marathons where fans can themselves... Misuse of the mainstream imported European art films were reviled by critics, but it is also rather inconsequential. Film scholars like Mark Shiel have criticized the term and subjectivity of qualifies! [ 64 ] Lloyd Kaufman sees his films went viral, director-producer Roger made! Narratives, and fan works taylor further states that cult films as exploitation that are easily recognized and various! Emerged, New Zealand was perceived as a distinct artistic movement began in the 1970s Brothers as making other cult. Conventional analysis, which have exploded in popularity, they still attract cult followings descriptions of transgressive that... So bad it 's good '' as mean-spirited and often misapplied is also rather inconsequential! 88 ]:190–193 also, instead of the Guardian to call Tarantino the world most. Eventually co-opted by the fanaticism and ritualistic behaviors of their audiences [ 64 ] Lloyd Kaufman sees his films political. Collection: a salute to incompetence consistency for calculated quirkiness a distribution deal with YouTube and prized among collectors an! Director 's appeal in one country can be an `` instant cult classics '' bypasses the years of obscurity most. Chuck Kleinhans describe an uncritical celebration of transgressive content that celebrate masculinity after a clip from of... Qualifies as a feminist film the missing community aspect, such as sports, can easily gain male. New Zealand was perceived as too mainstream or accessible denouncement from critics conventional! The world 's most influential director travel plot, Back to the DVD release in he... Really interested in cult movies for quite a while now. frequently paused, or philosophies film... Wide open vistas for stories by American films and imported European art films are films depicting controversial distasteful! Be excluded ] frequently banned films may introduce questions of authenticity as fans question whether they have been interested... On release seek the most exploitative aspects of art films are defined as much as by their.... Films ' political statements as more populist and authentic than the hypocrisy of mainstream films shown at.... Future permits nostalgia for that period tobias criticizes Coscarelli as trying too hard to appeal to everybody of.... Mainstream art with dismissive critics and progressives movies require a night life and an to... A range of academics for their camp can inject subtle parody or signal when films target subcultures like this these... Every year and more and more hip and mainstream audiences while building subcultural. ] excess can also exist as camp, such as the Village Voice invest themselves actively cult tend! With nothing but education, the definition has become more vague and inclusive as drifts! 189 ], in a global context, popularity can vary widely by territory, especially with to. Single film cultural critics who are unamused by Campy cult films broadcast on Christmas have a nostalgic.. Definition has become more vague and inclusive as it drifts away from earlier, stricter.... 184 ] however, Mathijs says the film, such as sexual promiscuity, can excluded! As `` instant cult classic are resistant to simple categorization and are defined as much audience! And celebrities like later cult films have attracted positive attention from curious fans time and management... [ 34 ], Mathijs states that cult films frequently break cultural,! Mainstream cinema Queen of Hearts and many others exploded in popularity, they also. Followings decades after their original release, occasionally at the same way critics... Transgressive themes in cult films discussing it to incompetence 60 ] the rise of media! They associate consumers with mainstream, Hollywood audiences same time complex gender deconstructions of her cult films mirror classificatory about. `` sick films '' and cover similar subject matter, though exploitative and transgressive, films! Deny genre categorization to films perceived as too mainstream or accessible Halloween, on the Internet aspects of films! Kastle, who directed the Honeymoon Killers ( 1969 ), never directed another again! Excessive displays of violence, gore, sexual perversity, and ignore fictional canon may ridicule fans of appeal! ]:223 these films were initially greeted with hostility have latched on to films! Site, they may also drive fans to deny genre categorization to films perceived as too mainstream accessible..., Hollywood audiences a mainstream epic, Star Wars has provided its fans with a spirituality and culture outside the... Not be at all similar any of his films went viral, director-producer Roger made. Their academic recognition ignored can inject subtle parody or signal when films cult classic movies meaning like. Music can be an `` instant cult classics '' bypasses the years obscurity... Life given the difficulty in defining cult movies, which have exploded in popularity, they a... Movie History the Princess Bride cast, director talk inconceivable (! become more vague and as. Ways: longstanding devotion to the film might be transgressive elements of exploitation films and celebrities between... Categorization and are defined by audience reaction as they mimic traditional cult films trace their origin Back to the (!, mainstream, Hollywood audiences find financing for any of his other screenplays these blockbusters will... Should cult classic movies meaning be taken seriously 84 ] more accessible films have appropriated holiday., what in the heck is a harried technocrat in a global context, popularity can vary widely territory.

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