Cast: Jess Harnell, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacHeille, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker, Andy Milder, Abby Trott Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in this satirical, genre-bending drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from boring outsider to Russian Empress. Cast: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgard, and more Season 2 debuted September 18, 2020. The show revolves around their lives and encounters with the other eccentrics in the town. The two are often pulled into crazy situations, frequently as a consequence of one of Ilana’s ill-conceived plots. You’re browsing Hulu and you come across something you’ve been dying to watch – just not right now. One of the most talked-about shows of the early- to mid-2000s, this drama combined elements of supernatural with sci-fi and general intrigue. While all the glory of streaming mostly goes to Netflix,  subscription services like Hulu have just as much to offer. This spy thriller kept fans glued to their screens for eight seasons as they watched Claire Danes brilliantly portray Carrie, a CIA agent trying to balance her career with her bipolar disorder. Pinterest . A production still from Season 1 of “The Spy” on Netflix, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. But the original British series, which premiered in 2007, lasted seven seasons with each episode focusing on a character, or group of characters, and their struggles with everything from mental illness to sexuality, substance abuse, death, bullying — every topical teen issue you could imagine. The anti-historical romp through 18th-century Russia would make Chekhov blush and throw his vodka. Top Pick: “Sunshine” In the future, the sun’s power is slowly fading, spelling an end to life in our solar system. Number of Seasons: 7. Top Secret - The Salzburg Connection / Packender Thriller mit Starbesetzung (Pidax Film-Klassiker) 3,8 von 5 Sternen 23. Many of the original voice actors reprise their roles here, and there’s a similar variety show format with different skits following characters and their own independent plot lines. Pinterest. Type the actor’s name directly in the “People” box. Number of Seasons: 14. The show follows Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon), a struggling actress raising three kids by herself in Los Angeles. History (the network) melds historic accuracy with epic action in Vikings, a dramatized recounting of a prolific figure in Scandinavian lore, Ragnar Lothbrok. Top spy movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in cinema's right now. Few franchises have grown as massive of a fanbase as Star Trek. Cast: Christopher McCulloch, Michael Sinterniklaas, James Urbaniak, Patrick Warburton, Doc Hammer, Steven Rattazzi, Dana Snyder Number of seasons: 1. While a mystery at heart, Veronica Mars is really the story of a sharp-tongued young woman and her somewhat atypical yet still very relatable coming-of-age story. Instead its a three film pack of The Naked Gun, Airplane! Despite this, it produced some timeless episodes. The three wander Japan, encountering a variety of bizarre characters and scenarios (including a baseball game for the fate of Japan and a possible zombie apocalypse). Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Whether the duo is protecting the land from the evil (and misunderstood) Ice King or helping a young vampire navigate her family life, Adventure Time captures a sense of adventure and fun, while providing a subtle maturity that speaks to older audiences. The series explores how this fight helped give rise to the Moral Majority and completely shifted the American political landscape. Twin Peaks is among director David Lynch’s most iconic works, yet the show initially only lasted two brief seasons. Parents Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) try to raise their children, whom they worry may be growing up in a vastly different milieu than they did. Cast: Joe Gilgun, Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony, Aaron Heffernan, Tom Hanson, Ryan Sampson, Parth Thakerar, Steve Evets, Dominic West, Ramon Tikaram The show follows David Haller (Dan Stevens), a man who, having heard voices in his head since a young age, starts the series in a psychiatric hospital. The show takes a critical look at issues of race and identity in contemporary America, balancing heavy social commentary with character-driven comedy. Each episode’s new story sees the main character encounter paranormal or unusual events that lead to an eventual moral. Stephen King is one of modern America’s most prolific authors, with over 60 novels and 200 short stories, and that allows the creators of Castle Rock, a show that draws inspiration from a variety of King’s works, to create an eerie melange of the author’s stories. Great sketch shows have been in short supply for a while now, which makes it all the easier to appreciate the short but brilliant life of Key & Peele. Created By: Noah Hawley However, when the gang’s young vice president Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) discovers the diary of his deceased father, he begins to question SAMCRO’s business decisions. Created By: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz (executive producers) Created By: Luke Davies, David Michod Cast: Michael Cimino, Rachel Hilson, Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood, Mason Gooding, George Sear, Isabella Ferreira, Mateo Fernandez, James Martinez, Ana Ortiz Ilana and her best friend Abbi are two 20-something women, living in New York. Reviews criticize the series for playing it safe sometimes, but there’s no denying that it’s electric when Witherspoon and Washington share screen time. Find out where Top Secret! Can’t find Top Secret! Futurama is an inventive comedy, with every episode going in some wild directions, and it has an incredible cast of oddballs to bounce off each other. Number of seasons: 1. These days, coming-of-age stories are a dime a dozen, but few of them are as novel — or cringeworthy — as PEN15. on Hulu? December 21, 2020. Number of Seasons: 10. Created By: Donald Glover The series tells the story of Jax’s efforts to keep the club together while balancing his complicated family life. Adult Swim’s long-running (the series has been airing off and on since 2003) dark comedy The Venture Bros. is a hilarious, occasionally depressing exploration of failure and legacies, set in a world full of colorful characters. We’ve also rounded up the best movies on Hulu, the best shows on Netflix, the best shows on Amazon Prime, and the best shows on Disney+. It’s all on Hulu. Top SECRET Kardashian project to launch in 2021 after Hulu deal to replace KUWTK. Facebook. Today's Top Stories ... 20 of the Best Romantic Movies on Hulu That Will Make Your Heart Sing. Created by: Tom Ruegger It’s all on Hulu. The eponymous character (played by comedian Ramy Youssef) isn’t just a millennial dealing with the awkward ups and downs of work and dating in the 21st century. But they are all pining to one day make it big and eventually become the ones being served the delectable bites and drinking the poured libations, not the other way around. Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter, bei denen du Top Secret online schauen kannst. The later seasons of this series, which was originally created for basic cable network FX then moved to sister network FXX, are designed like an anthology, with each season having its own self-contained story. Andy Samberg stars in the show, which focuses on a fictional police department precinct in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Number of seasons: 4. Believing that their father, a detective, may have uncovered something about a case, they take it upon themselves to help. The Adult Swim series is chock full of biting satire and clever humor, and moreover, has garnered a cult following in the wake of its successful and highly-acclaimed first season. Abbi is a struggling artist, working at a fitness center while she attempts to get her career off the ground. Number of Seasons: 1. Few would argue that Kirk and Spock are among television’s all-time best duos. Created By: Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany. Created By: Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, Gemma Baker So, now you’re armed with a handful of Hulu tips that will allow you to better harness your streaming existence. Anime is often labeled as a niche genre, but like with all forms of media, there are breakout examples that transcend the genre, crossing over in appeal. The show follows a dogged college dropout named Earn (Glover), who sleeps at his on/off-again girlfriend’s place and struggles to provide for their child. It’s a show with a unique perspective and a willingness to present its characters in an unflattering light. Alternatively, you can watch Top Secret! Created By: Rod Serling With Val Kilmer, Lucy Gutteridge, Peter Cushing, Jeremy Kemp. … Created by: Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof Cast: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish, Mitch Pileggi 48. Start your free trial to watch America's Book of Secrets and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, Johnny Lewis, Maggie Siff, Ron Perlman, Ryan Hurst, William Lucking, Theo Rossi, Dayton Callie, Jimmy Smits, Drea De Matteo, David Labrava, Niko Nicotera Number of Seasons: 5. This space-western has been lauded as one of the best anime series ever made, with a memorable cast and compelling story, featuring one of the most iconic final scenes ever. This puts Jax at odds with his stepfather Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), who presides as the club’s president. A group of UAC Marines respond to a distress call from a top secret scientific base on Phobos, a moon around Mars, only to discover it's been overrun by demons who seek to create Hell on Earth. Cast: Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks, Kayli Carter, Ari Graynor, Melanie Lynskey, Margo Martindale, John Slattery, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tracey Ullman, Sarah Paulson It’s all on Hulu. (who is no longer involved) previously worked on the surreal comedy-drama Louie, and Better Things shows a similar mean streak, narrowing in on the grimy, depressing aspects of parenthood that other sitcoms gloss over. Cast: Claire Daines, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin, David Harewood, Diego Klattenhoff, Jackson Pace, Morgan Saylor, Mandy Patinkin, Jamey Sheridan, David Marciano, Navid Negahban, Rupert Friend, Sarita Choudhury, and others Created By: Chris Carter The series garnered consistently favorable reviews through to the end, with the final season lauded for being “tautly thrilling” and providing a fitting finish to the captivating story. Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley Both hosts bring manic energy and throw themselves fully into a variety of roles. While the latter only lasted for one season before it was ultimately canceled and later revived with the film Serenity, it has garnered a rabid cult following. “All of a sudden, there’s this publicity, this secret that you’re being let in on, which, till not too long ago, was one thing for just a few folks,” she stated. The age of the subversive sitcom continues with Better Things, a dark, caustic comedy about growing older and raising kids. Cast: Samantha Morton, Lesley Manville, Jessica Brown Findlay, Dorothy Atkinson, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Kate Fleetwood, Holli Dempsey, Douggie McMeekin, Edward Hogg, Richard McCabe, Danny Sapani, Hugh Skinner, Eloise Smyth, Liv Tyler, Sebastian Armesto, Julian Rhind-Tutt Number of Seasons: 5. Cast: Various (Axel Decis/Netflix) Mar 17, 2014 - PBS Specials is currently unavailable to stream on-demand, but may be available on Hulu with Live TV depending on regional availability. Go into your “Account” tab, click onto “Queue” and then select “Expiration Alerts” on the top right corner of the page. Written in part by Paul Rudd, it follows a group of caterers in Los Angeles who rub elbows with the “who’s who” of Hollywood thanks to their jobs. On certain shows (New Girl and Modern Family, for example), you can hover over a star’s face and get a quick bio. Number of Seasons: 9. From fabulous original series like The Handmaid’s Tale and Little Fires Everywhere to acquisitions for hot shows like Letterkenny, Grey’s Anatomy, and The X-Files, Hulu has plenty of content to choose from when you’re looking for what to watch next. Hulu has an advanced search function if you’re looking for something oddly specific. But once there, they find themselves caught up in a mysterious secret investigation. You can binge-watch all seven seasons now. It’s a wonder that with such a star-studded cast, this sitcom only lasted two seasons in 2009 and 2010. Who can they trust? Originally built as a parody of ‘60s adventure shows like Jonny Quest, The Venture Bros. focuses on Dr. Rusty Venture (James Urbaniak), a once-famous boy adventurer who fizzled out, growing up to become a failed scientist. Number of Seasons: 7. Cast: Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards Quickfire challenges force contestants to test their skills and finish a meal before the allotted time runs out, while elimination challenges generally entail more detailed and difficult culinary undertakings. Director: Tony Giglio | Stars: Amy Manson, Dominic Mafham, Luke Allen-Gale, James Weber Brown. Fans of the the Kardashian-Jenner clan …. With intense crossover episodes, special episodes that present like mini-movies, and heart-wrenching storylines, the series that brought to life doctors “McDreamy” and “McSteamy” continues to capture the attention of its core audience, and attract new viewers. Number of Seasons: 6. Now the owner of his father’s company, the show follows Rusty, his two sons Hank (Christopher McCulloch) and Dean (Michael Sinterniklaas), and their bodyguard, secret agent/bulky murder machine Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton), through various adventures and schemes, flitting through various genres and story structures. Twitter. Cast: Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom, David Herman, Frank Welker After 17 seasons, we only have one question: Where can we sign up to judge? The plot evolved and spiraled from there to touch on a long list of twists and turns, and viewers couldn’t get enough of the story. Hulu lets you put your subscription on hold for up to 12 weeks without having to pay or cancel your account. Turn it on through the settings tab in the lower right corner of your current video clip. Number of Seasons: 6. A complicated drama with intriguing characters, Harlots is a great show for people who like their historical dramas on the seedier side. These X-Files deal with paranormal activity, aliens, UFO sightings, and various phenomena. Created By: Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger He wants to take advantage of the military’s policy of discharging any soldier on the basis of insanity. Robinson is now a producer and narrator, helping Victor through his struggles and providing guidance. But they all have their own demons holding them back, including Vinnie and his troubled childhood and battle with bipolar disorder. Number of seasons: 2. UFC Fight Island: What is it, and where is it. Die Grundidee hinter dem Einsatz von Kindern als Agenten ist, dass die meisten Kriminellen nicht vermuten, dass der neue Schulfreund des Sohnes für den Geheimdienst arbeitet und beim gemein… Set in the early era of humanity’s colonization of the solar system, a ragtag group of bounty hunters led by Spike Spiegel (Steven Blum) makes ends meet by taking in wanted criminals, while simultaneously trying to avoid the law and powerful criminal organizations. Created By: Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon You probably can find Top Secret! ABC’s Black-ish is one of many shows to have sprung up during the latest sitcom renaissance, which seems to emphasize distinct points of view not often seen on TV. Cast: Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox, Sacha Dhawan, Charity Wakefield, Gwilym Lee, Adam Godley, Douglas Hodge, Belinda Bromilow, Richard Pyros, Bayo Gbadamosi, Sebastian de Souza Darauf hin kommt James zusammen mit seiner Schwester Lauren in ein Kinderheim. Number of Seasons: 1. Other pivotal characters include Michelle, whose own rocky childhood and rebellious phase led to a teenage pregnancy, and Dylan, Vinnie’s best friend and Michelle’s boyfriend, who is conflicted about whether he should leave town with Michelle or stick around for his friends, especially Vinny, who is like a brother to him. Created By: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele It’s a fictionalized series that leans into some of its historical characters’ basest, silliest, and most stereotyped characteristics, which makes for some great fun. What will you watch next? Creators Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland (House of Cosbys) teamed up to create one of the best animated comedies in years. Catch-22 is a darkly hilarious examination of the horrors of bureaucracy (and war), with a brilliant cast including — along with Abbott — George Clooney, Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie, and Julie Ann Emery. Janney’s character is Bonnie, a mom who reunites with her estranged grown daughter Christy (Anna Faris), who struggles with addiction. Top Secret - Der Agent (orginal: CHERUB - The Recruit) ist ein in Deutschland am 25.7.2005 veröffentlichtes Jugendbuch von dem englischem Autor Robert Muchamore. Life is tough for small business owners, but if your business is struggling, there’s one man you can turn to for help: Nathan Fielder (playing a fictional version of himself), a consultant with a metaphorical briefcase full of bizarre marketing ideas and social anxiety. The Original Series features William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as the iconic Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, respectively. Cast: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, and others (varies by season) Starring comedian Jerry Seinfeld as himself, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes, Jason Alexander as the neurotic George Costanza, and Michael Richards as the hilarious Kramer, each episode follows the group of friends as they endure the absurdities of life in the big city (along with their own foibles). Number of Seasons: 6. Cast: Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer Stream 'The Hardy Boys,' 'The Secret Garden,' 'Valley Girls,' and more. With 10 seasons in the books and an 11th on the way — not to mention a feature film — there’s no better time to start binging the Belcher family’s escapades. Hulu’s Magic Cube service literally rolls the dice for viewers, so you can stop spending 30 minutes simply trying to pick what to watch. The foreign intelligence agency is warming to its starring role in film and television dramas. Number of Seasons: 3. The Handmaid’s Tale is a masterful adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s grim novel of the same name, with excellent performances and gorgeous, oft-disturbing scene composition. The series only recently launched on Hulu as one of the streaming service’s latest originals. It’s all on Hulu. Blending drama, humor, and international spy antics, Killing Eve is an exceptional psychological thriller, built around a complicated cat-and-mouse relationship. Cast: Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, Andre Braugher, Dirk Blocker, Joel McKinnon Miller Created By: Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Sam Zvibleman Number of seasons: 7. All rights reserved. The 54 best HBO series streaming right now, The 53 best shows on Amazon Prime right now, Stuck in a time loop: The best TV and movies that keep repeating the same day, The best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now, The best horror movies on Netflix right now, UFC 2021: Schedule, Results, Fighters, Fight Cards, and More, The best romance movies on Netflix right now. Israel’s top-secret Mossad looks to recruit via Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV. Cast: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, Jean Smart, Navid Negahban, Jemaine Clement, Hamish Linklater, Lauren Tsai This historical drama follows Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton), a madam running a brothel in 18th century London. There’s a good reason that Allison Janney has taken home multiple Emmy awards for her role in this sitcom. Number of Seasons: 4. Castle Rock is loaded with Easter eggs for ardent King fans to grin at, but even those who haven’t read the author’s complete bibliography can enjoy the show, as it tells a creepy story that can stand on its own merits. Daring and frequently poignant, Atlanta is one of the most exciting shows on TV today. The show follows Philip J. Fry (Billy West), a delivery boy who stumbles into a cryogenic pod and wakes up a thousand years in the future. Don’t even bother opening a new window for IMDB. The original Animaniacs entertained kids with characters like Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and The Goodfeathers, and it pleased parents with the sneaky adult humor that went right over kids’ heads (from sexual innuendo to parodies and dated pop culture references). WhatsApp. Start your free trial to watch The Secret Garden and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. Created By: Jared Keeso just came and I am very happy with it. Cast: Nathan Fielder Created By: Kenya Barris WhatsApp. The series is well known for its cast of likable characters, including Nathan Fillion’s Mal Reynolds, who captains the titular ship and is arguably the coolest space criminal since Han Solo. Looking to watch Top Secret!? Pehal News Team. Number of seasons: 6. The show centers around Michael Bluth (Bateman) as he’s forced to assist his off-the-wall relatives after the family business comes under fire. Created By: Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson American Horror Story is an anthology series where each season centers on its own unique story, with a core cast whose roles change from season to season. Cast: Alexander Elliot, Rohan Campbell, Jennifer Hsiung, Keana Lyn, Riley O’Donnell, Bea Santos, Adam Swain, Atticus Mitchell, Ric Garcia, and others Keep checking back each week as we tweak this list to add new titles when warranted and remove shows once they’re gone. A new take on the beloved classic novel, a young orphan girl who, after being sent to live with her uncle, discovers a magical garden on the grounds of his estate. In the quiet titular town of Twin Peaks, the sudden and tragic murder of high school student Laura Palmer set off a chain of events that turns the town on its head. This mission we do advance edited. Created By: Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason Created by: Based on the fictional characters by the ghostwriters known as Franklin W. Dixon Putting Kristen Bell on Hollywood’s radar as a young actor to watch, the show starred the then up-and-comer as the title character, a high school student who works as a private investigator at night with her detective father. Patrick Stewart takes the lead as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who guides the Enterprise across the galaxy in search of new life and civilizations. There’s good reason this series has become the longest-running scripted primetime medical drama: Every season brings a fresh, new take on the personal and professional lives of a team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals working at Seattle Grace Hospital. Adapting a great work of literature, particularly one as stylish as Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, is a daunting task, but George Clooney and company managed to do it, more or less successfully, in this six-part miniseries.

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