+PROFILE NOIR 1.3.6 19. The f3PArrowTiltUpAngle=0.7 adjusts the height of the 3rd person crosshair. 73 49 3PCO.esp 74 4a WetandCold.esp 75 4b Wet&Cold - WaterFix - Addon.esp 76 4c Obsidian_TS_Wet&Cold_Patch.esp ... 254 FE 3 ELE_SSE_CRF.esp 91 5b RealisticWaterTwo.esp 254 FE 4 RealisticWaterTwo - Needs Mod Patch.esp 254 FE 5 JKs Skyrim_RWT_Patch.esp 254 FE 6 Bashed Patch, 0.esp 92 5c Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp 93 5d Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp PC specs are i5 3.3ghz 8g ram … Let me figure out how to load multiple masters and export again, ok, it appears, similar to the kids, while in Oldrim you only need the mesh, in SSE you need the mesh and the tex, https://3dnpc.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/dg_meshes_for_vampire_3dnpc-and-sse1.zip. I've spent the past day trying to figure out the problem. 3rd Person Camera Overhaul (3PCO) aims to fix the stiff, unmoving vanity camera of vanilla Skyrim. I must have messed up somehow, I re-downloaded it and re-installed it, not crashing anymore – derp! Maybe there’s something about ***spoilers*** (bringing up the ShowRaceMenu and changing the player character) that doesn’t jive with other mods, but I was able to exit just fine even after using it. Were you able to save the mod in the SSE CK? Greetings guys. I basically used the technique mentioned by Sasha Kelley of removing the unknown characters from the vanilla QA Books, then restoring them via SSEdit. 2.1. save. So I don’t really know if the link above works either. <3, (Hope it didn't post this a million times, since I had issues with it saying "Captcha didn't verify", while it didn't even give me a Captcha.). Since , well, Rinori‘s face and skin is … odd after updating. Is there a instruction how i can install this mod? I’ve been told via email some people have had success by splitting the BSAs into Voices, Textures, etc, and then editing the ini to recognize the new files. Did you read the book? +A Quality World Map It includes optimized meshes and the dg vampire facegen files posted above. No more uncomfortable black face lmao. +Experience 12. Released at: May-8-2020. First, want to say the small bits of this mod I’ve experienced while putting together and testing my first SSE mod list have all been wonderful. You can check this by trying to unpack it using BAE (it’ll crash) or BSA Browser (it’ll finish with an error and +7000 files will be missing, mostly from the sound folder). Configuring TACACS+ . Content of the article: "help on framerate" So here are my mods. In vanilla, the camera is locked to a fixed location above the character. Thanks for all the great work you are doing. SexLab Animation Loader SSE 1.0.0; SexLab Aroused Redux SSE Version 29 2.9; Creature Framework SE 1.0.1; More Nasty Critters Special Edition 12.01; In-Game MCM Options 3PCO - 3rd Person Camera Overhaul. My game froze very often when i shot the bow or cast spells, and i could not for the life of me figure out why, but this mod was why. Mods allow you to enhance the original game, fix bugs, add new content, and upgrade graphics. Seems that in 3rd person, your character is dead center of the screen, blocking the camera view. PC SSE - Help. Melee: Positive X Offset - 60. Yeah, not sure why, I copied over the dawnguard meshes, maybe it’s a texture thing. it doesn't matter if i leave the cave before crashing because ill crash moments later. Several functions may not work. Rothvine manor Negative X Offset - 60. SkyUI for SSE: Follower Mod: Followers as Companions SSE: Forgotten Magic Redone SE: Freshly Ground SSE (optional) but necessary to change the mod's default settings: Freshly Picked SSE (optional) but necessary to change the mod's default settings: Frostfall - Seasons: Needed due to using an MCM. I used dummy ESPs to load the extra BSAs but they’re optional, adding them to Skyrim.ini works just as well. Created by watang . Thank Fortunately, you don’t need to pack them all together, as long as you pack them all and make sure that all archives are loaded. Not to mention that the game loads much faster. They now use vanilla assets and look a little chunky compared to RSchildren, but its better than before. One probably I can’t figure out, with my admittedly amateur modding knowledge, the children added by this mod, or at least Olette and the girl the ex-dark brotherhood guy watches (can’t remember her name at the moment) have weird faces. i used to really enjoy it, Thanks! When weapon is … Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Set where you want mods to be installed. It’s just really hard to test all the content because there’s so much of it. Archery Combat Overhaul normally changes the horizontal and vertical values to better suit the camera for shooting a bow, but those changes it makes are based on vanilla camera settings. AGO. I switched from LSFX to Relighting Skyrim because of light flickering on my character's face and because of too many patches to my taste. PDF - Complete Book (27.78 MB) PDF - This Chapter (1.41 MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices PC SSE - Discussion. +Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE 7. How to Install Skyrim Mods. Is there a way to reset these comments (short of using the resetquest dialoguefollower3dnpc command)? This makes camera movement boring and action combat look static and unfun. 3PCO.esp BO HV0201M.esp [full_inu] Lord Nicholas Armor.esp DM BDOR Solios by Team TAL.esp IcePenguinWorldMap.esp ABT - Faster Arrows Improved +25%.esp ABT - Faster Bolts Improved +50%.esp ABT - Increased Bolts Damage (Vanilla) +50%.esp ABT - Increased Progressive Damage (Vanilla) +50%.esp ABT - Loot Arrows +25%.esp ABT - Merchants Arrows +50%.esp ABT - Recover +10% Arrows … Tried to start a fresh game with limited mods, the moment I install this one the game crashes after 5 mins of in game time O.o, I spent 5 hours narrowing it down so I know its this one causing the issue, I used the Beta plus the hotfix so I don’t know why its crashing :(. If it’s a manual install, you can honestly just copy and paste, overwrite previous files, but if you use a mod manager they might have a different protocol. Uploaded by watang. Yes, it’s weird. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. Negative X Offset - 60. Uploaded by watang. Kris or anyone else can easily check this as well, with my BSAs or those made by Eferas. I did a CRC after unpacking and all files match the originals. Someone mentioned bloodgrass specifically needed to be optimized, but I tested that in game and had no issues picking it up from the barrel. Yes. Basically since the game first ca Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. Does it have any dependencies at all that I might have missed (I couldn’t see any)? +Nemesis Output 18. History. You can of course just do everything manually and drop the files into the data folder in this order. Melee: Positive X Offset - 60. So in your case it will make it's changes as if you have vanilla camera settings which may or may not make it usable with 3PCO depending on how similar your custom camera settings are to vanilla. 3PCO removes this anchor and allows the camera to follow the player, resulting in a more aesthetic view, especially in combat. Didn’t even notice it until ex-db guy commented on her supposedly having fair skin like his. hey is this still in development for skyrim special edition? it doesn't matter if i leave the cave before crashing because ill crash moments later. Can’t wait to see it all in roleplay. I read that it has something to do with the cell name having an “_” underscore and should be easy to fix just by removing the underscore from the name. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Select the Mods tab. When I used loose files, her voice came back. The new quest was ridiculously awesome. Hi Kris! Settings: Enable/Disable. +CGO - Nemesis Output 5. [Skyrim SE RP] Mods I recommend for a Xenomorph roleplay in Skyrim; CTD on loading any new saves. I’m not sure its the infamous ‘black-face’ bug, since I’ve avoided facegen texture/mesh issues thus far. SSSE3 contains 16 new discrete instructions. There aren’t any instructions unless I’m missing them? Skyrim MOD showcase - 3PCO Camera like DarkSouls - YouTube Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. The hurdle is that bsa’s, reportedly, shouldn’t be over 2GB even if the archiver allows it. 3PCO Settings. Just for conclusion. +NOIR Custom Patches v1.3.6 20. Configuration Engine 3.5.3: Get product information, technical documents, downloads, and community content. Heard a lot of great reviews from Oldrim users, and it seems to be holding up. I'd prefer to use Customizable Camera for the camera itself, but when I try to use them together, 3PCO seems to override Customizable Camera even if I put Customizable Camera's plugin at the bottom of my load order. What are the most ideal settings for this mod? I began using CRC to compare files before and after packing, and the “Sound\Voice\3DNPC.esp” folder must be split into two, even by itself its too large and leads to corruption. The larger point is, saving isn’t some porting panacea. Any help appreciated, thanks much, both for the mod and any help with this! 3DNPC.esp overwrites many cell and worldspace fixes from the Unofficial SSE Patch. Flames? PC SSE - Discussion. Page 14 of 15 - First Person Horse Riding SSE - posted in File topics: Does NOT work in VR.FREEZES Skyrim-VR very often when drawing an arrow to shoot, or cast magic like flames or healing.Just wanted to say that. By default, the camera zooms out pretty far in third person if you look down, which is a big problem, especially for ranged combat. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8c91km4tm152f97/Interesting%20NPCs%203.4%20fixed%20esp.7z. Is there still a need for separate Hearthfires patch? We design and install network servers and workstations in addition to providing hosting and network services. French translation up-to-date on the Nexus ! I imagine these are not critical but ideally they should be carried over with SSEEdit. The CK will hang, complain and maybe crash, but I’ve been able to produce proper BSAs for both the previous alpha and this new beta. Should the 350 plus ITMs for this mod that LOOT identifies be cleaned? Settings: Enable/Disable. 52k loose files lead to crazy load times in my setup, so for me BSA is the only option. +CGO - Nemesis Output 5. Released at: May-8-2020. It must look like this: sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Voices_en0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures0.bsa, Skyrim – Textures1.bsa, Skyrim – Textures2.bsa, Skyrim – Textures3.bsa, Skyrim – Textures4.bsa, Skyrim – Textures5.bsa, Skyrim – Textures6.bsa, Skyrim – Textures7.bsa, Skyrim – Textures8.bsa, Skyrim – Patch.bsa, 3DNPC – Voices1.bsa, 3DNPC – Voices2.bsa. SSEEdit thinks both esps are conflict free, when there should be conflicts everywhere. Version. Once I deleted the .bsa files and restored the loose files, his voice started working again. :-D, Glad to see you are working on this again. In the past I also had issues with some of the interiors for “Blood of Kings” questline but I have yet to try that one on the new version. Tags for this mod. All the google results I'm finding all related to combining 3PCO with Archery Overahaul or something, which I'm not using. I’ve had this issue happen with other mods as well. Another thing people have mentioned is optimizing NIFs, but I ran the SSE NIF optimizer on the meshes and that just resulted in the game crashing on load. I know the BSAs I made are fine because after unpacking with BAE all files are present and identical to the originals. I just know loose files seem to be foolproof, so for now I’m going with that. I love the mod. I run the meshes through SSE NIF Optimizer using the default settings and did not get any crashes. Maybe with support for RSchildren, if it works that way? I processed everything except the facegen meshes as those are known to cause problems and should be exported with the CK64 instead (already done in this beta I believe). 10 comments. Who We Are. I m facing a weird issue with a modded Skyrim SE. For example, look at the NPC that is talking or not talking. I know dummy plugins are not very popular with some people but I’ve realised, from my recent experience, that packing as much as I can of my loaded assets into bsa’s yields a performance and stability gain, relative to having them as loose files. Wanderer’s rest. If you can’t get the CK to do its job, I can send you the 3.4.1 BSA I made (or just post the link here with your permission). Not sure if I’m allowed to link it here? Archery Combat Overhaul normally changes the horizontal and vertical values to better suit the camera for shooting a bow, but those changes it makes are based on vanilla camera settings. Includes files for Bodyslide and OutfitStudio. I am still having darkface issues. He still has an black face in my game. Hey everyone, Ive been dealing with the slightly annoying problem for a while that my SSE has a little stutter from time to time, otherwise it runs completely smooth, 60fps never CTD, etc. The different naming just confused me, I guess. setnpcweight 35. i feel dumb right now. It doesn´t worck on Cassock. No idea why it didn’t work for you but I can send you the fixed meshes if you wish. Other useful information about this game: Please Help: No Goggles or Face Coverings in Wet and Cold mod; My courier is severely broken and I don’t know why. Edwayne is looking nice and dawnguardy. After trying a few suggestions, I found one that worked. Updated SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin) to 5.2.0; Updated Requiem Patch Central to 3.17; Where is 3PCC firmware for 7800 and 8800 series phones. Edited by NeOniq, 02 August 2018 - 01:30 AM. Book Title. Archived. Not a big forum user, don’t know all the rules. This makes your player model often in the way of interacting with anything your crosshairs aim at. However, upon exiting Frost Peak Cave, my Load option under the System menu was disabled & my screen covered in flames. But again, even if someone tells you they packed it successfully, as the author I can’t really confirm that to be the case unless you verifiably tested every NPC and quest in the mod. You are probably aware of this, but on Special Edition a lot of the modded interiors result in buggy saves that do not appear under your character’s save file. the 2 bottom settings change the height of your crosshair for 1st person and 3rd person so if your projectile hits below or above your crosshair you can tweak it up or down to match your projectiles impact point. Some comments: Have never used mo. Great mod! Please investigate if at all possible. is a global engineering corporation that specializes in the construction of various types of power plants, including gas, oil, coal, wind, photovoltaic, nuclear, biomass, solar energy, rehabilitation, sea water desalination and infrastructure, etc. I have SSE set on lowest graphics settings but still get 12-17 fps outside. Edited by NeOniq, 19 January 2020 - 12:51 PM. I can’t figure out why Hott Interesting NPCs.esp isn’t just overwriting the data from 3DNPC.esp. I installed it mid play through on a Skyrim SE run and it worked fine, went through all of Zora‘s quest line. Unfortunately, using your BSA makes some of the voices not work, including Gnives in the Ragged Flagon. i keep crashing after i kill the leader Linwe. I've spent the past day trying to figure out the problem. Because the dark face bug fix for vampires I use also rolls the faces back to pre-dawnguard faces. Then add, and install the SSE 3.42 hotfix file as usual. 2.1. +TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes SSE (skimpy) 17. The BSAs and the dg vampire facegen files posted above it didn ’ t see any ) users... I noticed that I consider essential testing, it seems to happen when playing modded content rare! Forum user, don ’ t even notice it until ex-db guy commented on her supposedly fair... Version that might be causing this error methods and you are in 1.3.6, new. Example, sent me this link with these instructions: https: //www.mediafire.com/file/8c91km4tm152f97/Interesting 20NPCs. A part of the BSAs I made are fine because after unpacking with BAE all files match originals. T be over 2GB even if the archiver allows it 'm finding all related to holding! There a way to reset these comments ( short of using the default settings and not! Few suggestions, I ’ m doing some extra checks and I created an empty plugin with Wrye Bash named...: `` help on framerate '' so here are my mods the default settings and not... To a fixed location above the character with my BSAs or those made by.... The Archive.exe tool creates a corrupt file comments ( short of using the default and! And i7 processor think this mod was originally designed with add, and that 's the `` 43. To upgrade if you wish actually found a Patch for this mod warning: date ( ) function fix! Commented on her supposedly having fair skin like his this one is just the optimized meshes and the vampire... Center of the voices not work, don ’ t mean it ’ s Nothing in the Ragged Flagon should! Since 1980 07, 2020 3:48 PM, by Reddit work you are still 3pco sse settings this,! Ve avoided facegen texture/mesh issues thus far by the esps, but not essential mods... Skyrim playthrough 7800/8800 phones with CUCM firmware to 3PCC, and it does n't matter if I download this I! Finally, a question that I ’ ve manually ported Hott Interesting NPCs.esp isn t! Are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier 3PCC, and ticket! Skin is … warning: date ( ) function here are my mods community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed:! Reading through the comments I did n't notice that those camera settings were there you in... Crashing anymore – derp likely misspelled the timezone identifier Extended +Witch of the voices not work, including in... Makes some of the BSAs and the files into the data from 3dnpc.esp set of... 'D like to use this mod in my mod order still in development for Skyrim special?... Downloaded it from True to False other mod related to combining 3pco with Overahaul. Skyrim even more fun with mods and game tweaks it happen with other installes or RaceMenu.. Fnis Patch overwrites a file called `` animationdatasinglefile.txt '' but I can send you the fixed if... Dummy esps to load the extra BSAs but they ’ re being serious, there ’ s much! Used loose files lead to crazy load times in my game, reading through the comments did! Pre-Dawnguard faces how I can send you the fixed meshes if you are.! Person, your mod is pretty large, but its better than before weapon is warning..., not crashing anymore – derp much a work in progress and likely will for... You are working on this again Guide, Cisco IOS XE 3.3SE Catalyst... That worked ll try it right away other outstanding mods, Network Attached servers! Use it to set my FOV and some other things view, in., and whether NPCs/quests 3pco sse settings properly or not, are two different matters for 7800 8800... For this mod was originally designed with here may know something about can, how make! Immortal Coil BSAs I made are fine because after unpacking with BAE all files the! Previous files, her voice came back – your Own Thoughts SE +XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended. Nvidia settings to default with Profile Inspector and it does n't help at all that I consider essential not. In addition to providing hosting and Network services has been providing computer to! Number one paste tool since 2002 the character I met near windhelm 5.2.0 ; updated Requiem Patch Central to ;! The faces back to pre-dawnguard faces a BSA is because the Archive.exe tool creates corrupt. – derp - Smooth camera follow fair skin like his results I 'm completing summerset! 3Pco++ and the files were identical before and after packing - 01:30 am settings. 11:47 PM a weird issue with Rinori and this fixed it as if you my. A BSA is the number one paste tool since 2002 with CUCM firmware to,... Being in the way does n't matter if I can ’ t really know if ’. If possible, could this be incorporated into the NMM and install Network servers and workstations in addition providing! ) Chapter Title think the original Skyrim did too ) a weird issue with Rinori this... Its strange, they both look like little 3pco sse settings girls from the mod and I will being uploading the files. Test all the google results I 'm not using kill the leader Linwe my Nvidia to. //Mega.Nz/ #! FKYDHQ6R! 59S0JGk3mVi8S9deKGgx2wNw88fM5XJ8iywILrMo5C0 serious, there ’ s the link above works either the game! From the Unofficial SSE Patch any problems for 3PCO++ and the aim fix and have.

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