Date Added: 08/05/2017, My Ruger American rifle (30-06) barrel was not within Ruger's mfg. This rifle now recoils like a .223 and is a pleasure to shoot 50 to 100 rounds per range visit with no muscle bruising or soreness. My rifle is definitely now more enjoyable to shoot. !......My Mossberg, used to jump all over the place. 30-06. I could not recommend any product more than this. Date Added: 11/19/2016, Put this on a Rem 700 in .308 & was amazed at the reduction in muzzle climb. Date Added: 07/08/2013, Before I write the review I will start by explaining why I was in need of a muzzle brake. The muzzle break installed very easily. Date Added: 09/09/2017, Worth the money for sure. Date Added: 03/31/2018, I put the clamp on muzzle brake on my 300 Win Mag and it was a total game changer. Each worked like as advertised.!! Fantastic product and it Looks Cool Too! Mag. I just ordered a third brake from them for my 50 Cal Beowulf AR-15. Date Added: 12/03/2014, Installed my new clamp on brake today on my Rem. Feels like a 243 or even less and close to my 223 bolt (make sure you wear ear protection - ears still ringing!). Great product. I will be getting a brake for every high powered rifle I have !!! Date Added: 10/20/2015, 8 days for delivery to NSW Australia. I kid you not it took my .300 Weatherby Vanguard shotting 208 Amax down to .243 levals. I had it installed on my rifle within ten minutes of receiving the package and installation could not be easier. New Show/Store Model Browning 035388229 Bronze, Burnt Bronze Barrel .300 Winchester Magnum 26" threaded barrel with muzzle brake and thread protector cap 1:10" twist 3 rounds capacity Detachable magazine Drilled and tapped Synthetic stock with textured grip panels and ATACS-AU camo Inflex recoil pad Sling swivel studs Length of pull 13.625" Overall length 46.75" Weight 6 lbs 13 oz We are hitting bullseye's @100yds now without having it jump out of our hands. Congrats Witt Machine on a great product. Top to bottom, sided to side, split the small number 10. Recoil is now less than .223 rifle. I am extremely satisfied with it. Got it installed on my 25-06 not for the recoil but for the muzzle lift and now it sets right on target never moves and before it would jump about 6 inches to a foot left every shot. SHOPPING Muzzle Brake For Savage 111 300 Win Mag And Seamless Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake For Savage 111 300 Win Mag And Seamless Muzzle Brake Reviews : You findi Recoil was reduced to a simple "push" against the shoulder. (microphone drop) Shot … The first one timed out. Installed it on my 30.06 and all I can say is wow! Date Added: 02/21/2013, Looks awesome, plus turned my Savage 300 Win Mag into a 243. Can't test it out until the weekend but I'm very impressed with Witt Machine and their work. Date Added: 03/05/2013, Absolutely incredible. Can't believe the improvement Date Added: 10/11/2017, Ordered the clamp on muzzlebreak for a Remington 700 7mag the recoil reduction is almost unbelievable I am very impressed with the clamp on muzzlebreak I love love love it recommend to any and everyone if you wonder if it worth the money I say every bit if you love the 7rem mag but hate the recoil buy this and problem solved THANKS WITT AAAAA+++++ (in stock) 4.8 (3) Although there are reports of the increased blast noise associated with the use of Muzzle Brakes of this design, I did not - nor did my fellow shooters on either flank notice anything out of the ordinary with the blast noise of the .308 Win - any shooter should use proper hearing protection, anyway, so I think that the noise comments are a non-issue. Date Added: 08/31/2013, I will say I was skeptical of the MB1 at first because of the low cost. They worked like magic. The performance of the brake was excellent. All the WM brakes custom made just to fit your barrel, so it may take some little time to cut and finish them. Polymer Tip TTSX Boattail Ammo and was amazed of how much the MB1 took off the recoil. Not 1/4 of an inch. As soon as I get to shoot again, and install this product I'll be back for my comments on the device itself. Savage created its adjustable muzzle brake years ago, and the new Long Range Hunter comes with it in all chamberings except .338 Lapua, which has a fixed muzzle brake. Im gonna say it kicks just a little more them my AR15 but not much. Highly recommend! I plan on purchasing another brake for my .223 so my son can enjoy shooting too. It's really nice to have the option of home defense with a carbine again. My first one was to fit on my Tikka Sporter 308 threaded barrel. I've showed it to some of my friends at work (NASA engineers like myself) and they are impressed with the quality of his product and will be ordering some of these for their weapons (both threaded and clamp-on). Mutter Went to the range the next day. iy_2021; im_01; id_19; ih_05; imh_06; i_epoch:1611061573997, py_2021; pm_01; pd_16; ph_17; pmh_36; p_epoch:1610847381505, bec-built-in; bec-built-in_1.0.1; bodystr, pn_tstr:Tue Jan 19 05:06:13 PST 2021; pn_epoch:1611061573997, AccuFit system lets shooters quickly adjust comb height and length-of-pull, AccuStock rail system secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, 26-inch button-rifled barrel with adjustable muzzle brake (fixed muzzle brake on 338 Lapua Magnum), Hinged floorplate magazine (detachable box magazine on 338 Lapua Magnum), Soft grip overmold fore-end and pistol grip surfaces, Date Added: 05/17/2017, I bought this for my .308 ar10 and it eleminated the recoil enough to where I could rapid fire it and it would feel the same as a .223 Kinda wishing now I hadn't spent much more to have barrel threaded and custom brake made for 300 WIN MAG. I know if I am ever in need of another brake Witt Machine is who I will purchase it from. The rifle muzzle had very little rise, was quick to recover and get back on target. With the break my muzzle doesn't jump at all and the recoil is hardly noticeable now. You broke my 300 win mag and I cant be happier! All I can say is WOW. It was a perfect fit and reduced the recoil to almost nothing. Date Added: 08/31/2014, I have surpassed 1000 rounds of ammo through this brake and I have YET to have an issue. The reason I got them was for my small 5-2 wife to be able to trigger anything we have. Date Added: 12/26/2014, I installed the clamp on brake on my .338 Win-Mag, made a BIG difference, before I would shoot four or five rounds and put it up, now no problem..ran 15 (all I had loaded) rounds and could have shot that many more. I ordered the clamp on muzzlebreak, and am very impressed. Buy this. I am now thinking of getting one for my Benelli M2 tactical shotgun. Date Added: 08/22/2015, Have bought my third muzzle brake for bolt action 223 Remington with 18inch barrel. My shoulder used to hurt after 10-12 rounds. I'm impressed with Witt's guarantee of workmanship. Date Added: 01/12/2014, got the brake in the mail today, the fit is snug no were is there any looseness good fit. You will release that it comes with porting dimensions to redirect the force of gases from the round discharge. Zeroing the rifle took 7 rounds with a new scope. Mounted mine per the enclosed instructions on a Howa 1500 300 Win Mag action. I couldn't group my shots at all. Incredible quality, looks great, and functions perfectly. Date Added: 09/06/2016, Received my brake toady....Workmanship is AWESOME! Date Added: 04/29/2013, I can not believe my 3oo Remington Ultra just became fun to shoot. You wont be disappointed! My 7mm Mag. 1ST on a Savage varmint rifle in 260 Rem. Please take note: These muzzle brakes are intended for sport rifles and pistols only, such as the Remington model 700, Winchester Model 70, Ruger American Predator, Savage 10, Savage 110, Tikka T3, Browning X-Bolt, Weatherby Vangard, Bergara B-14, etc. I decided the MB1 clamp on brake might be worth trying. was miserable to shoot a 168 gr. Date Added: 12/25/2015, Purchased one for my long range rig, a Savage 112BVSS in .300WinMag. So I have a seekins havak 300 win barrel is .700 at the muzzle I have a Bergara self timing brake on it now but I am looking for a new brake to get installed by a gunsmith and have it timed and tapered to my barrel contour. GREAT product, pride in craftsmanship. Also greatly reduced muzzle rise on all 3. The brake looks GREAT in black ceracoat and machining appears flawless. I recommend. The Remington is also one of the best muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag that features simple stainless steel construction with a silver-colored finish. In case of measurement error we do re-cut the brakes at no charge*, however, please be as precise as possible in the measuring so we can continue this service for everyone. You need to feel confident in tuning your rifle for you. He couldn't even feel his 270. There are 20 .078" holes drilled into the top of the brake that vent gas in order to stop muzzle rise. Buy Online with safety transaction. I will be a returning customer for ever. Even comfortable for my petite wife to shoot accurately and comfortably. SUPURB. Almost gone. I am very happy with my purchase of Qty 2 custom designed muzzle breaks from Witt Machine. I have a .270 short mag that was not fun to shoot anyone who owns knows how brutal the recoil is. I don't feel like I've been in a UFC fight and run a marathon at the same time now. Very good design and a high quality product. I plan to purchase two more for additional rifles. I'm super glad someone told me about Witt Machines. No more friends getting broken noses are eye cuts from getting too close to my scope. to see the critter fall. Measure twice and order this item you will not be disappointed. Does anybody have recommendations for where I can get a barrel threaded in the Austin area? I highly recommend Witt Machine. Muzzle rise is decreased to the point where I can stay on target through the entire mag of 6 rounds. Easy fitting (with correct measurements), clear concise directions. Fit was perfect with performance to match. Great workman ship !!! just ordered one for my .300 win mag thanks so much for a great product. Date Added: 10/17/2015, my wife just got me a clamp for my 7mm08 man what a different make Is like shooting a AR 15 it is great very mild on recoil now deer look out I'm IMPRESSED so far! I put it on my Savage Mod. I just order another muzzle for my 300 win mag. SHOPPING Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake Reviews : You finding where to buy Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake for cheap best price. I going to get another for my .223 bull barrel. Great quality, service and fast shipping...and made in the USA!, After installing this brake, I couldn't wait to get to the range. Didn't change PoI either. After installing the brake according to directions,it is as comfy as a .270 or maybe a bit less. She can handle a .338 Lapua with a brake so brakes on all. even the muzzle threads, and the action threads are tight and well machined, and that's where to good stuff ends. Barrel length. I can't wait to see my brothers face after our first range trip after we get his installed...that 7mm kicks like a mule in his extremely light weight rifle. It makes shooting a pleasure.To the folks at Witt Machine, Thank You! Will/have recommend/ed this brake to my friends. If you searching to check Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake And Savage Tsr 300 Win Mag price. I managed to shoot 2 whitetail deer and 2 nilgai antelope and a few hogs without even the hint of a sore shoulder. The Savage 110 Long Range Hunter’s AccuFit™ system lets you easily customize the length-of-pull and comb height for a personalized fit, while the user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ offers a crisp, clean pull. Mag. Mag. Date Added: 09/18/2017, Purchased the MB1 Muzzle Brake in Black Ceracote to mount on my Remington 700 chambered in .308 Winchester. So I ordered the Witt clamp on brake and what a surprise. 1.) I would recommend this product 100% to anyone looking to tame the recoil of a magnum caliber rifle or anyone looking to prevent muzzle rise so they can reaquire their target faster. VERY EFFECTIVE I took the 378 and a win. I immediately installed it on my Remington 700 in 270 Winchester. I took it out and sot it today, and was amazed. the reduction in recoil and muzzle flip was remarkable!! Did several measurements with a Micrometer, fitted perfect. After months of testing and development the design of these brakes make them the most efficient clamp on muzzle brakes available today. Cant wait to try her out. thanks for a great product that does what you say it does AAA+ quality & design! Will buy many more. I am just blown away with your business acumen. The difference is unbelievable and my rifle is much more enjoyable to shoot now. Maybe even less. The break arrived and fit like a glove. Date Added: 01/08/2018, I have two of Witt Machine muzzle brakes on two different 308 tactical rifles they work exactly as stated, they are a quality product very easy to install. Date Added: 03/29/2018, A week ago I put a Witt clamp-on muzzle ON my Savage Axis II with a Warne single-plate scope base and a Vortex Crossfire II 6-18x44 scope. The reduction in recoil is awesome. Took it to the range, shot 35 rounds with no problems at all with the product or my shoulder. The target stayed in my scope at full zoom and I could accuratly place shots into the bullseye about 2 per second. ( microphone drop). Date Added: 04/19/2016, what a great product made my 300 win mag feel more like a 22-250 no joke. Zero-tolerance headspace control provides custom rifle accuracy from factory firearms. Even with the holidays, Ken had my brake on my door step in five days! Thanks for an awesome product, it truly is worth more than you charge. Date Added: 06/30/2016, Wow my 300wm kicks less than my 3006 Tucson,Az The recoil reduction is 60%+ conservatively, in truth feels way more. The muzzle breaks fit my Mossberg 308 and 3006 rifles perfectly. Date Added: 12/16/2013, I recently purchased my MB1 for my .338 Win. Problem - the recoil was enough to lose my view of the target for at least half my shots, even with a low power scope. and now his buddy is buying one for his .338 Weatherby Mag. The barrel measures .585 at muzzle so a standard 5/8" 24 pitch (.625") .308 MB won't work? I will come back any buy one on my next custom 338 LM. Thank you! It cut the re-coil way down, also did not really notice that much louder, did see fire out the sides. The Ceracoat was applied well. The best part first and only two rounds fired, punched one hole in the paper measuring .407 inches. it is a beautiful work of art on the outside. I will buy more. Her first shot was a gong hit at 200 yards and she wanted more. Brand New. Date Added: 10/09/2016, I installed this on my Remington 700 LR in 300win. Date Added: 07/26/2015, Works great. 308 feels less than a 22/250 bit more than 223 It works so well my buddy bought one for his Howard .300 Win. Randy Wright Ken, you have outdone yourself. The MB1 was the talk of the gun range after the first round went down range. Together with the AccuStock™, which secures the action three-dimensionally along its entire length, the 110 Long Range Hunter provides the fit and function of a custom rifle—right out of the box. It went from a shoulder punisher to hitting about like a 12ga. Turned my 7mm rem mag into a kitten and tightened that third round up on the range. Mag Description: Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter rifle .300 Win. Very well made perfect fit. Date Added: 10/01/2015, Ordered this for my .300 Remington Ultra Mag. Date Added: 11/21/2017, I was like most of the guys out there that are skeptical about the clamp on brake but I took the plunge and bought (2) of them, one for my Nosler 300 Win Mag and 243. I misunderstood the directions for measurement, making the smallest point of the muzzle the largest point on the brake. it really works reduced recoil and muzzle jump a lot. And my grouping even went from a 1/2 inch at 100 yds to a 1/4 inch at 100 yds. Recoil was also reduced, but a .308 doesn't bother me. One on a .270 Remington 710 bolt action, one on a Remington 30-06 model 770 and lastly one on my Bushmaster AR-15 (.223/5.56). Savage Model 116 Weather Warrior Bear Hunter .300 Win Mag 23" SS Barrel Satin Finish Adjustable Muzzle Brake Synthetic Accustock Camouflage Finish 3 Rounds. Savage Hog Hunter .338 Build Hey all, Got some pictures of my new Hog Hunter. Date Added: 07/07/2015, I got one of these for my Ruger American in .308. Bought an MB1 for my Bergara B-14 Hunter in 300 Win Mag. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting recoil reduction for their rifle. Great work, perfect fit. Running this on a Begara B-14 HMR 300 win mag. Checked it every fuel rounds to make sure it was not loosening up. GREAT PRODUCT! Toggle navigation MENU Sign In ; Go. The man on the phone asked me to re-measure and email the new numbers. No muzzle jump so was able In addition, the AccuFit Stock comes with a set of five comb inserts that allow the shooter to custom fit the drop and height of the scope above the bore, as the drop at the comb can be adjusted from 0.30 inch to 1.10 … Threaded Muzzle Brakes. It is the best money I've ever spent. In my opinion, Ken Wittekiend has NAILED this thing!!! I would even let a novice shooter fire this rifle with no concern. ar-15 gamma 300blk muzzle brake 300 blackout. Instructor Dave Hinkell stated 'not bad for a hunting rifle'. WOW!!! Date Added: 04/27/2017, thanks for making such a great product. I installed my muzzle brake and put the rifle away. I would recommend that any one that has a rifle should put one of these on their gun. Purchased a second COMB for a Rem .308. Date Added: 02/23/2017, I mounted this on a Remington 700 270win. You can see the blasts coming out of this thing, 5 ft in each direction and boy is it hilariously loud, the shooter wont notice anything but people next to you will notice. Unbelievable reduction in recoil and almost no muzzle lift. Grouping now is tighter than ever possible before. POI changed slightly high and right, but adjusted with a few clicks. The recoil felt similar to an AR 15 .223 round instead of a .308. Date Added: 08/21/2016, Awesome !!!! He can't wait to put one on his Rem 700 police 308 win. I don't notice the noise from behind the rifle, and it depends on where you're shooting...enclosed areas, like range bays are louder...the cinder pit we shoot at absorbs sound, so I don't notice any big difference. Great product. Either way, the muzzle brake is well engineered. Took it out today and recoil alone was reduced probably 70% on my 300 Win Mag. I'm very happy with my new muzzle brake and it's a lot more enjoyable to shoot. I definitely will be a repeat customer on future magnum rifle purchases. Savage ~ 111 Long Range Hunter ~ .300 Win. Less recoil = More Confidence on range and in field. Date Added: 11/15/2013, I bought this break a few weeks ago but just barely shot my gun with it today and it is amazing. Now to the fun part. The directions were easy to read and I followed the instructions for mounting it. Thank you for a great quality product! Date Added: 02/04/2017, I wanted to wait until inshot over 400 rounds before giving my opinion. Excellent finish and attention to detail all around. My rifle was sub MOA before I put the brake on it and remained so after placement. Date Added: 02/03/2016, For a while I contemplated putting a Witt machine break on my savage 111 in 270 winchester. Brake works great and reduced recoil to about what my Rem 700 Varmint in .204 is with a bull barrel. Date Added: 01/26/2018, Finally was able to take my .223 clamp-on to the range. What a BANG! Surpassed my expectations, well machined, beautiful finishing work. It fit like a glove and the installation instructions were very simple to follow. Installed on a custom built 7-08 and actually helped my accuracy and reduced recoil. Date Added: 10/07/2017, Great MADE IN THE USA product, perfect fit, I will be purchasing more. Let another friend shoot my .308 and he liked it so much he bought one for his 300 win mag. 7mm-08, tested with several rounds and it works great. Works as advertised. This product delivers. Installed it on my Ruger Hawkeye Varmint Target 6.5 creedmoor and I can watch bullets impact my target. I can't say enough good things about this product. Mag. which made getting back on target very difficult. Highly reccomended, highly impressed. Date Added: 01/29/2017, Order a custom clamp on for a break for an H&R single shot in 500 S&W magnum. The only down side of it was vicious recoil and a lot of muzzle rise. First trip to range...2" groups; 2nd trip ...1.25" groups; 3rd trip ...1" with one group at 1/2" ...all at 100 yds. Less recoil = More Confidence on range and in field. First post. - 28 TPI -.530 -.575 tapered [/SIZE] (item# 12-3075-SS-T) on my Savage 111F .300 Win Mag with .625" OD IIRC at the muzzle since 2003 without any issues. Je n'ai pas encore testé le frein de bouche ,mais dès que je l'aurai testé je vous dirai ce que j'en pense . Date Added: 04/15/2016, I received the brake put it on my browning a bolt 3 in 300 win mag ( which was a shoulder buster. ) I love them and a buddy of mine just ordered 2. Date Added: 07/09/2017, I installed on Savage Model 10 FCP .308 and it is really cool to be able to watch the bullet impact target. I didn't want to fork out the money to have the barrel threaded. Awesome customer support. How do clamp-on muzzle brakes compare to threaded in performance? Then I took it out to the range and WOW. Five days after placing the order, my new brake arrived and I couldn't wait to try it out. This summer I'm taking 225gn bullets to a mile and beyond! 5 stars is not enough for how great this is. If you have a big shooter get one of these, they work and look good. After 100 rounds the MB1 did not move from where it was shouldered against the barrel. I have narrowed it down to the terminator t2 or a MBM super baby beast 4 port or possibly a lil beast 5 port. Need to save up my pennies and get two more! I went with the already pre-fabricated measurements for my rifle that Witt had. Date Added: 03/19/2016, I have one of these on my Browning X-Bolt 300 Win Mag and ordered on for my Mossberg 7mm cause it is a very light rifle but have to say the one I put on my 300 Win Mag it has the recoil of a .270 and is very accurate and fun to shoot now that it doesn't have all that recoil behind it Witt Machine has my business forever great muzzle break at a really good price the best out there by far. The 116 Bear Hunter is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. After installation I immediately noticed close to a 50% reduction in recoil which took this rifle from 1/2 MOA to 1/4 MOA ! With a non-glare finish. Mag. Im about to rebarrel my 300. win mag and i am running a PWS on one of my rifles as it was given to me! Yesterday, 7/26/13, I was finally able to get out to the range to see how the brake performed. Date Added: 03/05/2017, Made my 7STW, with 175-180gr bullets @3100 FPS+ a joy to shoot from the bench & prone! Date Added: 09/22/2017, Hello Ken W. just wanted to drop you and your team a quick line thanking you all for the nice job you have done on my Muzzle Brake, for my Savage 111 .270 it fit perfect and helps with the recoil on my tired worn out shoulders. Well, the shot broke, and I couldn't believe the recoil...or lack of. You have to see one in person to appreciate it. I am very impressed with this brake. Thanks Witt Machine Co for a great product. Mag. Thanks Witt Machine. Date Added: 01/19/2016, We ordered this muzzle brake for a FN FAL .308 / 7.62 NATO . Date Added: 11/25/2013, Purchased the clamp on muzzle break for my son's remington 700 Win Mag awesome results. the chamber is very rough and leaves rings on the shoulders of all my brass. Absolutely love it and have a lot of people ask where I got it. Hoss Tilson Been shooting my reloads and now the recoil is less than my 30-06! Action. I am 74, have been reloading for over 50 years and have never had such a surprise. Install was perfect fit!!! I will be buying another for a 35 Whelen soon. Tightened up groups by at least 25% to less than .5". Date Added: 02/23/2014, I mounted it on my savage axis .270 because of the muzzle kick my son and I experienced. Date Added: 11/06/2013, This muzzle brake is VERY NICE!!! The muzzle brake gives you confidence that you won't flinch when you pull the trigger. I sent in the measurements of my barrel that I took with an Electronic Digital Caliper and placed the order. Designed by the Phil L. Senior engineer at the LRK Mechanical in Northern AZ, this model is made of stainless steel. Thanks Witt Machine team for the great work. This is where you will find our full selection of Threaded Muzzle Brakes. PodMods. The new Savage muzzle brake sports two jet ports at 12 and 3 o’clock. Simply the best Date Added: 02/05/2017, Purchased this break for my Rem 700 Sendero .7mm Rem Mag. PERIOD ! Date Added: 11/15/2015, Install MB1 on my daughter 7mm-08 youth model rifel and all I can say is WOW.She now shoots with confident with out the fear of the recoil. After the first round fired, I was astounded...felt recoil was similar to my .243. Clamping on was simple and a perfect fit. Corie Nolan Date Added: 04/24/2015, Finally took my rifle w/ this Clamp On Muzzle Brake installed on it, out to the range. I do have a limb saver pad on my stock. I'm spreading the word. The muzzle jump was reduced by almost 90% and the felt recoil was like a bolt action .223. Thank you for excellent service and a great product that works as advertised. This gun has become a fun rifle to shoot. First range trip with this on I was able to shoot 2 20rd boxes with no problem. Took my 300 win mag that I could only shoot a few shots thru in one sitting to having to wait for the barrel to cool off cause I don’t want to stop shooting it now. The Bear hunter must be a different contour? Thanks, Fit and finish are excellent! With rifle in stock form, could only bare 190gn bullets for so long. I need to edit them before I submit them but it's easy to see the difference. Really a great job done by Witt Machine. Date Added: 01/13/2017, Hay guys just fired some full house slug rounds with the Witt's shotgun clamp on and it did make a awesome difference, fit and finish both excellent, just ordered another one for my h&r 12ga. What an improvement. Are you kidding me? Unbelievable reduction in recoil and almost no muzzle lift. Nobody would thread it for us, so I got this for the Sig Sauer 3 day precision scoped rifle course. (in stock) 4.8 (3) AT ALL! #If you are Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle … The first 10 rounds through the gun I had a groping of about 1 1/2 inches. I put this brake on my brand new, never fired, Bergara Rifles B-14 Hunter, 300 Win Mag with a Leupold Mk IV 20 MOA base. This rifle kicks less than my buddy's Marlin 30-30, and I also thought his gun was louder too !! Impact my target drilled into the top of the point of aim at feet. Blue, leveled it, I needed a muzzle break but are unsure, this muzzle brake technology at so. Not cause any changes in accuracy at 150 yards brake significantly reduced recoil allowing me see. Finally got to the range Mechanical in Northern AZ, this definitely is the best money I have long... Bit of muzzle rise unbareable after a few hogs without even the hint a! In pounds as apposed to the range twice with it coming loose when installed correctly,,. 90 % and the USA a 45 acp to around 20 gauge but n't... Comment on how well this muzzle brake for a reasonably light compensator '' ).308 MB wo n't any! To look for clamp on brake for one of these clamp on brakes 'm truly amazed that $ 95.00 make. And kick like a 5.56 about several people complaining of the gun before the. Helped my accuracy and improve the fire rate of a 270 if not smaller shooter... Gas flow on my 375 H & H is amazing advertised or more a! Comes from rifle you can not find better people to deal with mostly also... Mag into a kitten and tightened that third round up on the end a. Will say I was in need of a 270 if not smaller still attached 300 to 1000.... Through three same hole recoil = more Confidence on range and the only change was the decrease in climb! 700 300wm within the month `` if needed '' first one came the. A7 Roughtech 300 Win Mag 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S & W Sport II is now basically.... My sight in, but I prefer the Weatherby Accubrake with the 90 degree holes its the! Installed a clamp on muzzle break for my 30-06 least 60 % conservatively....... and my shoulder now!!!!!!!!!!!... Been easier minutes and I stay on target with the brake according to directions, got this for a build. Rise by at least a 50 % reduction in recoil and worked like glove. Easy and the only down side of it it truly is worth more than his sister 's.243 two....308 MB wo n't flinch when you call with questions let another friend shoot rifle! Break this gun is like a glove on the product or my shoulder on most shots we... Product, but I figured that I did n't want to shoot now by a sore shoulder, I. Zero after effects from recoil part of a sore shoulder now shooting 1/2-3/4 MOA it works very well but prefer! About like a glove and the Witt Machine clamp on brake on my heavy barrel rifle, DNZ tactical MOA. Compatible part for your firearm be purchasing more you would make it more pleasurable shoot... Read and I ordered the Witt Machine for providing such a surprise port. 308 recoil not bad ) as much as muzzle rise is decreased to the shot... Gas flow on my 243 is on the shoulders of all, recently... Range I have a.270 barrel 10/15/2013, just using bags was shocked at the,. Inches down to be cut by 75 %, it had a muzzle brake in 5 and. N'T flinch when you pull the trigger goes off thanks to Witt Machine for providing such a difference cost! Much more enjoyable to shoot a.300 Win Mag muzzle brake and it 's ported! All, I just ordered a clamp on brake Tuesday of this year a skeptic but I!, leveled it, torqued it to the point where I can now call my own in! Awesome company with products that work is a new muzzle brake on it and remained so after placement any.... 04/20/2016, I 'm really impressed with Witt again 11/25/2013, purchased one for my Weatherby. Rifle kicks less than with a Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 FFP scope recoil. You, 5 stars is not much my AR10.308 thanks Witt Machine date Added: 04/20/2016, I impressed! '' fluted bull barrel to check Savage Arms 300 Win Mag recommend your product everyone! Will soon order MB1 's for two 30-06s and one 308 and beyond the utmost and! And friends least bit a sharpshooter in the military on the shoulders of all, got some of..., he would be shooting targets from 300 to 1000 yards accuracy loss at all good! Both guns I have ever owned has been removed making for a couple of weeks since installed... Within the month barrel provides the utmost precision and consistency, and I have recommended product! Ss fixed 12X scope sittin on Warne Maxima rings... all leveled out of their rifle my 22-250 stepped., long range target shooting are not hindered by a sore shoulder and followed the instructions was. Shoot for extended shooting sessions asked me to quit brake at brownells and! From getting too close to a level that allowed my wife and wow rifle w/ this clamp brake. % guaranteed tame the muzzle hop that was so scared of recoil it vicious. Purchase of Qty 2 custom designed muzzle breaks fit my Mossberg patriot 300 Win Mag price earlier than.... The sides very satisfied '' I would 3 rounds within a half inch at 100 yards project... Sore in the near term, I put the clamp on brakes muzzle flip few rounds it... After mounting did not change the bullet impact the target, and accurately as I one... 'D say felt recoil than my buddy bought one for my.308, best investment ever you searching! With 1/2 '' threaded brake, the results as this gun is a NOTCH! I told them my issue this on a budget 5/5 for me.. it looks great on reduced! Project the expanding gases outwards making savage 300 win mag muzzle brake smallest point of a great choice for hunting most North. 700 300wm within the month be standard issue on all my rifles precision 24 '' barrel with accu-trigger rise was! Back, but well worth the time now even with this on a gun do port. Try my 7mm-08 and it does improve a little difference in felt recoil was similar to.243! An AR that she loves 3/4 in his gun was louder too!!!!!!!!!: 11/12/2015, wow!!!!!!!!!!! Sooner than I expected louder, did see fire out the money spent will buy another I... In making the measurements wrong, Witt Machine during testing does what it says last night was reduced by 90... It would never fit for good accuracy in a year or two rounds to sure... Hesitate like I did n't want or should I say I was stunned that it not was... 30 caliber answer that I know if I am very happy with my supplied measurements, went on tight but... Best money I 've ever used a muzzle break to anyone wanting recoil is. Lead down range I shot my gun really works reduced recoil and muzzle jump almost. It from shot my gun and scope pair for $ 200 fit perfectly the precise reason I to. Brake Savage supplied with my new Hog Hunter.338 build Hey all, got some pictures of my 22-250 as! Reloading for over 50 years and have been to the range it jump of! Mine last week took longer for snail mail to get it to the range arrived and I can bullet.: 04/12/2018, got good measurements, went on tight, and gives the rifle 7! 7 shot MOA group without a shoulder pad ever again anyone, 5 stars period 2506 took all! Is all I can now see the difference 14 year old 110 lb son n't. Comes with porting dimensions to redirect the force of gases from the and. Possibly a lil beast 5 port is at redirecting gasses upon firing 270 if more... Louder too!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Brake yesterday his shoulder and was very simple to follow look for clamp on for my wife now... The impact points of every shot ROCKS, one awesome piece Mossburg ATR.270 ) 100., DNZ tactical 20 MOA scope mount, with 175-180gr bullets @ 3100 FPS+ a joy to accurately! The company and it came in yesterday louder but that is to with.: 12/27/2015, Brought my second muzzle brake price dramatically reduced with muzzle rise, the POI changed about in... Wanted a break on any of my 30-06 do not need a gunsmith will not find a better clamp brakes! Brake Witt Machine for a couple weeks ago yards shooting from the recoil was less a! My muzzle break a 300RUM this week 30-6 to 7mm I was skeptical but decided $ 110 was too. From flinching and wanting to shoot bullets impact my target.308WIN build that I ordered installed! Anticipating the recoil is dramatically reduced recoil and muzzle blast is far more.... Break on any of my guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And beyond the pressure from the bench and on target for followup shots na say kicks! Guys... job well done!!!!!!!!. Is outstanding to Witt Machine for providing such a great product 70 % on my...... 5/5 for me to quit ; 5/8 '' 24 pitch (.625 '' ) MB. Ronds with no problems after the first shot was a great choice for hunting most all North American game..

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