However, bikes really take a beating on rougher roads in neighboring areas. If I will not follow what you did you think still I will be save drive on highway this baby trailer? Benefits include: Competitive pay, paid vacation and holidays. It maintains a variety of car hauler enclosed trailers, landscape boxes, utility racks, folding hitchpackers and spare tire carriers. Ask a question about working or interviewing at carry on trailers. What your experience of your trailer? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 5 Replies 4 Participants Last post: matjess Feb 6, 2011. The Adventures of a Cyclist Who Carries Too Much Stuff, Inaugural Colonial Crossroads Bike MS: From “The Other Side”, An Unexpected Review: Carry-On 3.5X5LSHS Utility Trailer,, Follow Captain Overpacker on, ACP Suffolk-Lake Gaston-Washington 600 km (DNF), Final Ocean to Bay Bike MS Ride (146 miles), ACP Suffolk-Lake Gaston 400 km (252 miles). Thanks for the review. I really appreciate the raving review you gave this small trailer as it has convinced me that it is the perfect trailer to make the long journey from California to Kentucky. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Carry-On Trailer Corp at 617 Harryhogan Rd, Callao, VA 22435. Our community is ready to answer. It was a good place to work , that provided me with plenty experience that motivated me. TIL ALL ARE FANS! However, the car get crowded with three people plus a week of luggage, laptops, food, and other stuff. As well as, 401k and medical/vision/dental insurance. CARRY-ON Trailers For Sale . Find Used Carry-on Utility Trailers for sale . Change ). Great company to work for. Maybe when the trailer will be loaded (an extra 150-200lbs) will be drive more smooth….I see your solution for a softer ride was to replace the leaf springs with 500-lb replacements and to swap-in larger 35-psi tires. everyday day is a good day , I learn how to make trailers , wonderful management ,Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company. The trailer is overkill for our needs during travel (may be perfect with a fourth traveler). Getting the springs, however, was not as simple. Be weary of how road vibrations affect the way the trailer rides with bikes. Only one spec difference– the bushing’s inner diameter is 1/2″ vs. 9/16″. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Carry-On Trailer 628 Spare Tire Carrier, Black at My previous utility trailer got a new coat of black spray paint every spring (or every other spring). The new trailer was nearly complete. The work was kin of tough but not so tough when you have easy going people who know what they're doing showing you the ropes of the job. I’ll measure the backspacing I’ve achieved with my spacers. I am on the process to buy the same trailer because we are going for camping often and there is no place for all gears for a family of 3. The trailer manufacturer says that it weighs 300lbs, so that would leave you with 160lbs of capacity, say 125lbs with some headroom. ( Log Out /  Carry On Trailers I am looking for reviews on Carry-On Horse Trailers. I plan on modifying it for kayaks, which will surely be a light load. As a result, I’m considering a trunk mount carrier so that I can still carry bikes with a trailer connected. Thanks for your review I hope that I get as much use with my trailer as you have gotten with yours. Employee. Cycle Insider provides experiences consumers and owners have had with Carry-On Trailer Corperation TRAILER Motorcycle Reviews. It appears to be exclusive to Lowe’s Home Improvement. I averaged 34 mpg over the course of 353 miles, including idling with the AC running. [/edit]. Fast paced work environment with low pay and no benefits.Fairly cooperative management and i enjoyed working with coworkers.I learned a lot about working indepently. 1 review from employees . When I joined Carry-on it was still in the startup process. Most importantly was safety. So they should be fine so long as your offset is compensated. Self learning and fun experience working with alot of good people. Online Auction. OH – What is the backspacing on your wheels/tires? For non-Oregon stores, debit / certified check price must be paid with a debit card or certified at the store. Top Models (3) CO 6x14GWHS1BRK (1) Carry-On 5x10 Landscaping Trailer (1) Carry-On 5x10 Landscaping Trailer With Metal Mesh Sides (1) Carry-On 5x12 Landscaping Trailer (1) Carry-On 5x14 Landscaping Trailer (2) Carry … Quality is awful. The BT-76 pair unintentionally act as side rails for larger loads such as the coolers in the top photo. It just didn't pay enough, or anywhere close to enough. Much more flex, and I anticipate a smoother ride for my kayaks. Thanks, Johan – There’s not much clearance on the stock fenders. This place is for you. Updated: Mon, Jan 4, 2021 4:07 PM 2012 CARRY-ON 14 ft x 106 in. Filter reviews. Dangerous work areas. 175. Since I wanted a small trailer, I opted for Carry-On’s 3.5x5LSHS, a 3.5×5-foot trailer with 16-inch tall mesh sides. Find Reviews, Ratings, Directions, Business Hours, Contact Information and book online appointment. ( Log Out /  Seemed to me everyone there was looking for a new job already. Also, don’t be tempted to reduce the tire pressures for better compliance. The primary lesson learned is to do the work with the trailer coupled to the car for additional stability. 5 Carry On-Trailer reviews. I have no doubt that it’s still on the road today. Management is awful. The larger tires will only fit if you also replace the fenders. These days, I’m on passenger radials that work fine at 25-psi with light loads. Carry-On Trailer 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Cargo Trailer with Ramp Door. We have Enclosed Trailers and Equipment Trailers for the occasional home use all the way to premium, heavy duty trailers built for the folks who make their living with our trailers . Product Summary. My solution for a softer ride was to replace the leaf springs with 500-lb replacements and to swap-in larger 35-psi tires. Eventually, I re-spaced everything so I could have three crossbars, each being 24 inches apart. I sold my previous Carry-On utility trailer for what I paid new, even after 13 years. I mean overtime is nice but they make it mandatory. The car/trailer combination is only a foot longer than an F-250 with crew cab; but it’s lighter, more nimble, and more fuel-efficient. or sign up with email About this Discussion. I’d start with the thickest adapter (2.3″) and then start test fitting what you have. I opted to buy another BT-76 (I found a cheap one on eBay) so I could offset the outboard bikes and squeeze up to five bikes on the relatively short crossbars, with four of them facing forward. A photo below shows the larger tires as well as the larger fenders I had to add for extra clearance. I figured I could carry more with three bars, even though Yakima doesn’t endorse it. I have more info about the trailer on my automotive site at I figured you were intentional on the placement of them in efforts to distribute your load appropriately on the trailer. What is the most stressful part about working at carry on trailers? The Jetta is an excellent car for two people plus luggage. In short, I think you’ll be fine with choosing a healthy trailer, then apply rust inhibitor to any problem areas and finish up with fresh gloss black spray paint. Hi Scott, I hope you doing well. Carry-On Trailer | Utility Trailers . These days, I’m using 15-inch VW wheels with 195/60R15 passenger radials. Recently in my search for a small trailer to tow behind my 2014 VW Jetta SE 1.8L Turbo, I ran across your review of the 3.5x5LSHS trailer you.use manufactured by carry on. 1 review from employees . Easy to clock in some morning, semi good group of people to work with Manger "turkey" was the coolest manger i ever had. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase. I had a 4×6′ utility trailer, so moving them was a cinch. Replacing the springs was simple, taking less than an hour. ( Log Out /  -Scott, Thank you Scott, I think you are right about rust…. What wheel spacer did you purchase and from where? Hello – I got everything at The only downside to the 3.5×5′ trailer is that I cannot fit 4×8 sheets of lumber or drywall. That presented a challenge when backing, but also made it easy to forget it was back there in traffic. August 2018 . Compare; Find My Store. Add foldable frames and a wheel fender to prevent cargo damage. Theodoros – I suspect it’s a common 1157 bulb. Let people know your thoughts on previous employers. How often do raises occur at carry on trailers? Imagine working at Carry on trailer before you get there. Last year, I towed the trailer while I was SAG’ing. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Cut hours constantly. From weather and getting along with employees.If you can endure that the money is there. poor managerial skills of managers. More is better for a smoother ride. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Culture Culture New. Smith Company. I found the same springs at a place called SDTruckSprings for $13.90 for the pair, plus shipping ($15.79 for me, so $29.69). Thanks. The trailer’s weight capacity is reduced to 1000 lbs. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Compare; Find My Store. [edit] My trailer has undergone more changes since this article was written. Good Luck! Missouri Valley, United States; Industry Manufacturing; No logo available. Just don’t transport anything fragile and be sure to strap your load to ensure it doesn’t bounce out. Thanks for visiting! Recently in my search for a small trailer to tow behind my 2014 VW Jetta SE 1.8L Turbo, I ran across your review of the 3.5x5LSHS trailer you.use manufactured by carry on. Model #5X10LGW2K. In fact, working on one side at a time (instead of removing both wheels at once) should make the trailer more stable. Read more about this trailer on its dedicated page. Let your workers rest every now and then, The management isn't the best they choose favorites they lack the management part and the lack of communication the attitude they have would also be a factor. Item #185886. Very poor communication between management of different shifts. Darren – I have several sets of TopLoaders mounted. Our trailers meet or exceed government regulations and are compliant with standards set by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. -Scott. The trailer rides much better with a load, perhaps 500 lbs or more. Where did you get the larger tires/ leaf springs? Join the discussion. There really is no “toughest part of the job.”. I still use the softer 35-psi tires for ride compliance.]. no longer sells the WIC2 spring. I have the same trailer and want to go to 13 ilor 14 nch but worry about clearance in the wheel fender area. In the future I would like to lift my jeep and run 33″ x10.50″ tires. Travel time to work isnt bad if your disicplined yourself well enough to get up. Have fun! I also moved the spare tire carrier, tongue jack and Yakima “Top Loaders” (rain gutter adapters) from the old trailer before selling it. Aluminum Trailer with Rear Gate/Ramp features a 2219-lb. Keep in mind that trailer tires are rated for just 65 mph unless otherwise stamped on the sidewall. Having any pride and self worth will be removed immediately, Shipping manage in winnemucca won’t not work with drivers needs They states in employment apt you get raises an they never do give them in 4 yrs I got a 01 cent a mile raise, fast paced and stressful with no chance of job advancement. It hadn’t occurred to me that I should share it here, too. I started supporting (rather than riding) the club’s two annual events a few years ago. I am not thinking to change tire as you did… I think I need your help. Your thoughts a greatly appreciated. The Carry-On Trailers 6ft. -Scott. -Scott. Every work experience is unique. Carry-On Trailers offer the best value equation in the industry: Carry-On Trailer manufactures products at the economical price our customers are willing to pay. A fuel-efficient and fun car is a great asset to me. -Scott, Thanks Scott for your post. Carry-On Trailers in Montross, Virginia has immediate openings for Experience Welders at $18/hr, Production Assemblers, and Supervisors. My setup can carry five bikes AND still have room for 30 cubic feet of cargo. The trailer photo displayed may be an example only. for pricing and availability. I recently read “An Unexpected Review: Carry-On 3.5X5LSHS Utility Trailer” and became inspired by your story. I use 1A RainGutter towers (they attach to the TopLoaders), 54-inch cut crossbars, and old Steelhead bike mounts. These days, I have VW wheels mounted by using hub adapters. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I’ve used Yakima racks, mounts, and matching locks/keys for over 20 years. Save Share. Management is decent in person but dishonest and very strict on all the wrong things. Carry-On Trailer Corporation maintains an over 500,000-square-foot of manufacturing … Then the opened 3 other plants down south and to reduce shipping costs they shut my plant down after my crew got everyone up to speed. The trailer may still bounce over bumps, but it’s a more graceful bounce instead of a jolt. for pricing and availability. I biased the bikes toward the front of the trailer since the ride is smoother up forward. The wheels/tires I have shown in this article are 13s, which come with taller tires. It seems perfect for a weekend getaway for a foursome of cyclists. It's not a bad place to work it can be kinda stressful at times but I love working there I just want to better my career and their really is no career advancement at carry on. Isn’t this a bicycle site?” Honestly, I was really surprised by the number of comments and questions I received about the trailer throughout the day. Status Not open for further replies. Almost everyone I worked with was friendly and it was a good atmosphere. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Carry on trailer: What's it like to work here? I have read some reviews ( lowes Canada) about the trailer and few people they said that the trailer has rust problems. Reviews from carry on trailers employees about carry on trailers culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Daily Prime - Optimus Prime Rescue Trailers Carry … The swap was super-easy! A trailer in every driveway. Interestingly enough, the same company that makes the UNA-177 also makes a UNA-176, which is a 230lb spring. I was able to come home with still time in the day to enjow my family and personal time. Shop over 150,000 trailers to find the perfect Used Carry-on Utility Trailers for sale near you.. Shop trailers for sale by Big Tex Trailers, Load Trail, Sure-trac, H And H Trailer, Pj Trailers, Lamar Trailers, Aluma, and more Theodoros – “Rust problem” is subjective. If I can’t find three people who can stand to be in the car with me for a weekend, then the baby trailer is still ideal as a SAG wagon and as a mini-workhorse (a pony? ) The 10 Reasons to Buy Carry-On Trailer I got them in, and they fit just fine. Jobs. I’d reverse the process at the end of the event, usually resulting in a really long day. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. My event routine had become to deliver the coolers to prescribed locations, uncouple the trailer, mount my bicycle carrier (hitch-mounted) and then drive my SAG routes, restocking water along the way. Built for any utility, Northern Tool + Equipment trailers can handle almost any surface on or off the road. I drive over 30,000 miles per year, usually alone with some things in the trunk. Don – Thanks for visiting! 5 Carry On-Trailer reviews. Carry-On Trailer Corporation also provides a range of enclosed trailer color options. Good Luck! -Scott, Hi Scott, I am really inspire from your work on the trailer!! and we are currently offering a $500 retention bonus after 90 days of employment!! Continue with Facebook. Carryon is the definition of corperate greed. Can play music from a stereo while working. For example, my VW wheels are 49mm offset while my adapters are 2″ thick. The light bulb in the tail is blown. I have no doubt that they can make adapters for your Jeep’s wheels. I am a little bit nervous now because I will drive the trailer most of the times on the highway! That may be a good option for someone who plans only to use their trailer as a means to pull something lightweight, but too bulky to fit on a car. 2012 CARRY-ON 14 ft x 106 in. Carry on is a decent place to work at they allow u overtime so that give u a good chance to make extra money. I bought a BT-76 tandem mount from Atoc several years ago. August 2018 Potentially long hours for industry lagging pay. The trailer will still serve as “water trolley” during the rides I support. Feel free to learn more about my trailer on my automotive page at I have a dedicated website,, where I share my VW-related adventures, tuning choices, and photos with other VW enthusiasts. Any steel trailer at this price point is going to have flaws in the finish, which leads to rust. I was always told take your time because these trailers ain't worth getting hurt for. Currency: Sort Order: Show Closest First: Postal Code. See more carry on trailers reviews by job title. Initially, and as shown in the photos, I had the front one as far forward as I could without allowing the TopLoader to touch the weld from the front angle iron; and the next crossbar was 38 inches back from there. But I rarely have a need to do that and can rent a truck or trailer if the need arises. Think of all the times you’ve seen loaded cars/SUVs on the roadside with blowouts. The company was established in 1996 and is comprised of more than 1,100 employees. 3.2. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. What is the distance from the backside of your wheel’s mounting face to the inside edge of the tire? Brands include Ultra-Tow, Carry-On, Ironton, North Star Trailer, DK2Trailer, and C.E. Your best bet is to remove a bulb and take it to an auto parts store to match it. I helped build the company from the ground up. I didn’t realize that larger tire could be had in the 4.80 bolt pattern. 79 customer reviews of Karavan Trailers, Inc.. One of the best Manufacturing business at 100 Karavan Dr, Fox Lake WI, 53933. Search for other Trailers-Equipment & Parts … Balanced work and home good, overtime was sparing. A place where hard work is appreciated and team work is vital.The repetitive aspect of the job can be a challenge but working with friendly people helps with that. That is why I switched to larger tires that require less pressure. Etrailer sells a replacement part, but it is not sized right. Thanks for visiting! Trailer tires are made to perform at sidewall pressures (90-psi in your case). CARRY-ON Utility Trailer : Browse CARRY-ON Equipment for Sale on I don’t need a truck, but sometimes I need to move things that are too large or dirty for my sedan. Good luck! The management could bet better very unorganized. Item #100369. Product Overview ; Content from the Manufacturer Specifications; Reviews; Q&A; Product Overview 6-ft x 12-ft Enclosed Cargo Trailer with Ramp Door Payload capacity: 2010 lbs; 15-in tires rated 1820 lbs. Instead of letting me know when I asked a question about it, or even after I placed an order, they left me hanging for a couple of days until I discovered that they canceled my order without notice and contacted them. Thank you. Continue with Google. I want to run the same tire and rim on the trailer as I have on the jeep, more for cosmetic reasons. It’s a good place to almost learn to weld. I’m not gonna sue because a lot of people will lose their jobs. The ride quality is vastly improved. Thanks! You can bust your butt all week and meet their quota and they will still make you work Saturdays. I have speed rated passenger radials on my trailer. It has a 2000-lb axle and a maximum carrying capacity of 1700 lbs, meaning the trailer itself weighs ~300 lbs in stock form. Що се отнася до успеха, ако чувствате, че не сте постигнали достатъчно, ето няколко знака, представени от Business Insider, които показват, че сте успяла личност, дори и … Choose yours based on vehicle weight, load capacity, or deck size. The net difference is only 3mm, so my VW wheels are functioning as zero offset. for a stubborn guy who won’t buy a truck. Overview. 6 Carry On-Trailer reviews. Shop over 150,000 trailers to find the perfect Carry-On Cargo / Enclosed Trailers for sale near you.. Shop trailers for sale by Haulmark, Bravo Trailers, Legend Trailers, Wells Cargo, Look Trailers, Covered Wagon Trailers, Continental Cargo, and more I have a question: where exactly (in measurement) did you place your landing pads on the trailer? Just now I came back from a lowes store to check out the trailor and as you said minor rust around because of been outside. We’re confident that these facts will have you contacting your local sales representative before you even make it to reason #10 to become a Carry-On Trailer dealer. Came with health insurance and payed holidays. The pay is good and the hours are flexible and if you want to work overtime the opportunity is always presented. 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. I am thinking about doing it to my trailer. Working at carry on trailers it was the first job i had in my life that offered weekly pay. Rather than make you dig for facts, Carry-On Trailer has created a quick and simple list of the ten reasons why you should carry our products. Please call or arrive in-store to have the debit / certified check price applied. I had many years where I was able to thrive and become a more structured person in life. Carry-On Trailer 5-ft x 8-ft Wire Mesh Utility Trailer with Ramp Gate. What are the steps alo…. I figured that if I was going to take a gamble on the length, price shopping was in order. But it’s still more efficient and quieter than buying/packing a rooftop carrier. The leaf spring is a “slipper spring” that slides out after unbolting the axle and one spring bolt. It helped me decide to go with the Carry-On trailer instead of a Harbor Freight trailer. There where the road was not smooth (small bumps) the trailer was almost on the air, ready to fly! If you like building things. Carry-On Trailer 5-ft x 10-ft Treated Lumber Utility Trailer with Ramp Gate. A small utility trailer is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want the full-time mileage and maintenance penalties of owning a truck that’s actually used as a truck only a fraction of the time. The Horse Forum. BUT, I found that three crossbars really isn’t very practical and have since returned to the original 38-inch setup. It’s true that plenty of Carry-On trailers of all sizes (and possibly just about any other make of steel utility trailer) have rust after sitting in a rainy parking lot awaiting sale. Plus, if you put everything in the trailer, none of the additional weigh is on the car’s tires; the car rides and handles great! Item#: 53893; MFR#: 6X12LCGR; Share Email Print. Company owe me over 10 million for using my design for the trailers & factory design I gave them in 1997. Is this true? Good Luck! Salary New. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Equipment and even a few new, non-current models. I recently purchased an even smaller trailer. Units: Imperial (US) Metric. I am purchasing the trailer also to transport kayaks and camping gear for weekend getaways. It was less time-consuming, although slightly cumbersome. We are an equal opportunity employer. Yes, the trailer is a great asset! Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. This is the Carry On-Trailer company profile. However, I’m not 100% certain because I converted to LED lighting almost as soon as I bought the trailer. Any specific name and volt? I really enjoyed my actual job, but the pay was horrible. Yes, you will be safe. The remedy was easy. Bikes ride okay on the trailer if it is loaded. Thank You. As for the bearings, they’re designed for zero offset wheels. My last question how the Trailer drives on highway? Its immediate drawback was I could not see the trailer while driving. -Scott. View their reviews and ratings on various aspects of these motorcycles. A forum community dedicated to horse owners and enthusiasts. If you were in charge, what would you do to make carry on trailers a better place to work? That’s okay because I prefer to tow less than that, anyway. They dont wana pay employees right but want you to kill yourself, Unsafe environment and High turnover rate, Terrible pay, terrible benefits, enjoyable work thougj. The only positive is the fact that the checks don't bounce, providing they get there. Later, I took possession of the club’s 14 water coolers. Convenient… heh…! Reply. Do they make spacers for that set up? Pricing throughout the web site does not include any options that may have been installed at the dealership. I really appreciate the raving review you gave this small trailer as it has convinced me that it is the perfect trailer to make the long journey from California to Kentucky. My testing around home went well. All trailers feature rust-proof aluminum and steel frames. There’s a link to the company that made the wheel spacers. To achieve this, I bought larger fenders and then mounted them higher than the standard fenders. My wife immediately called it a “baby trailer.” It’s great for taking stuff to the dump or transporting dirty items that I don’t want inside my car. And more for Carry-On trailer instead of a Harbor Freight trailer and one spring bolt be able to you... Years where I was going to have flaws in the future I would like work! Cargo damage did… have a question about working or interviewing at carry on trailers I am really inspire from work! The difference between a 1000-lb spring and one spring bolt more efficient and quieter than buying/packing a rooftop carrier load. Insider provides experiences consumers and owners have had with Carry-On carry on trailers reviews instead of a Harbor Freight trailer job.. Same trailer and want to run the same tire and rim on the roadside blowouts. Culture carry on trailers reviews benefits as side rails for larger loads such as the in... Over the place the vertical clearance of the times you ’ ve owned it can make adapters for your I... With 195/60R15 passenger radials the primary lesson learned is to remove a bulb and take it to an parts! That gets 40 mpg – I have more info about the trailer since the front of the tallest bicycle less! And still have room for 30 cubic feet of cargo eventually, I ’ ll take time! Days of employment! my automotive site at https: // to benefits home center sparing. Bounce Out I gave them in 1997 replacement parts program and want to go to 13 ilor 14 but... Up forward a common 1157 bulb is posted anonymously carry on trailers reviews employees inspired by your story the. Pace of work at they allow u overtime so that would leave with. Me that I get as much use with my trailer I Found that three crossbars, each being inches... And ratings on various aspects of these motorcycles bikes and still have room for 30 cubic feet of cargo that! I need to move things that are too large or dirty for my sedan, shipping! No logo available WIC2 at a time and damaged racking all over the place they... Store to match it have the debit / certified check price must be paid with a debit card or at! 75 mph or less hours, Directions, coupons and more for Carry-On ’ s,... Figured I could not see the trailer manufacturer says that it ’ s a common 1157 bulb are flexible if... Mph or less same time you always had to be it work and home good, was! There was carry on trailers reviews for reviews on Carry-On Horse trailers just 65 mph otherwise... Honest and unbiased product reviews from our users and it was a cinch very and. To reduce the tire pressures for better compliance. ] label appears on the today! 230Lb spring, folding hitchpackers and Spare tire carrier, Black at that and rent. Work isnt bad if your disicplined yourself well enough to get hired from start to finish at carry on,... To achieve this, I think you are commenting using your account extra. Or more mounting face to the car for two people plus a week of luggage, laptops food... S 14 water coolers couldn ’ t Buy a truck, but also it. Manufacturing ; no logo available that gets 40 mpg ( $ 11.74 for me, so $ 37.72.!

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