In a burlap sack at the next camp, you find crushed nightshade. Continue to an open area and a sarcophagus. Location His cultists died to draugr and never even saw a Dragon Priest. Names of the Fallen: Recover amulets from fallen Pact soldiers. Online:A Walk Above the Clouds. He's not in the temple, so continue through to the door to Forelhost Peak. Need to do A Walk Above the Clouds to get to the skyshard. The animal hide is in a backpack at the sixth bonfire. A Walk Above the Clouds: In Forelhost by talking to Radrase Alen. Community content is available under. Take the road north from Riften. Run north to the small building and the ladder to Forelhost. Pact Shoulder Guards, Leveled Gold: Those She Devours: In Lost Prospect by talking to Yngvar. Inside the tent near the third and fourth bonfires, the animus geode is inside a broken crate. It looks like she was a Worm Cultist who was mauled to death by sabre cats. Enter the temple, and look for the dragon priest. There are three carvings around the temple, showing hints to the solution. You need to solve an ancient puzzle before you can enter the temple.